Facts :

??When a man can't impregnate a woman,the family advises them to adopt but when a woman Is barren or has difficulty in bearing a child, everyone around the man advise him to get another girl pregnant or better still, marry another wife...

??You see, women tolerate a whole lot of stuff more than we do ..
I think, most of the things we throw at these girls are things we can't stand ourselves..
Most of the things they endure and put up with are things we will never put up with as guys..
Consistently bleeding for 4 days and switching in between moods and still manage to stay sane is something that I can't comprehend..
She doesn't mind going hungry just so her children could eat..

??Most times she gives up on her dreams so that her husband can live his..

She doesn't have a life of her own as her children sees her as a Demigod and always run to her when they are in distress..

Her hair keeps smelling because junior keeps peeing on her and she barely has time to think or breath..

??The c

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When a woman can't be preginant, men adopt.
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