The existing gift is an Unfolding joinery into our minds so step forth, further towards discovering more into this telekinetic rhyme

Difficult decisions


Like everything


We Trust it all


To the fabric of the universe 


Deciding and conquering all


As It does anything 


transversely deciding our fate


A story of the beast so cold


Existing in us always 


Like a beast given heart 


Of all and everything we've got


And when a conflict of issues arises 


That is in us all


It will be there


Listen deep into our souls


As it flows and listens 


dropping all arms


This beast hits your soul


Like a beast gift given heart 


Unfolding all 


Like Bright opened circles


Of all decisions of good fate 


Goes boom


Into your mind


Everything of good faith goes


boom boom boom


Until we all listen to it's good faith rule


Where we are everything


To its gift given soul


Where we Live internal


So now give into it




As you are already taken 


To its gift given ways


So give it up to the


the fabric of the gift given universe 


Where we bask in it all










Submitted: August 20, 2022

© Copyright 2022 collectivenrg. All rights reserved.

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