Her Beautiful Nightmare: Book One: Sorrow's Child

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The God, Lumiere created two worlds in different universes. One of humans and one of Gods, Angels, and mystical creatures. Lucifer is not a fallen Angel in this reality. But a dark creation of Lumiere’s. All Angels are mated and Helena is Lucifer’s. A woman trapped in a hell created by the men in her life.Lucifer’s vengeance of Michael, the Archangel and child of Gabriel and Lilith, begins the end of not only their world but all existence. Sonja, a human woman is unwilling brought to this world as part of Lucifer’s plan against Michael. With the help of a humanoid wolf, goblin and living doll she will try to take a different path. It all has to begin somewhere.

Table of Contents

Dark Inception

Prologue: Dark Inception Cold and hungry was the beast that dwelt within the endless void of darkness. It is a creation with an... Read Chapter