Chapter Prologue : Dark Inception

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Dark Inception

Cold and hungry was the beast that dwelt within the endless void of darkness. It is a creation with an absent creator. A genius stripling alone to its own devices becomes a twisted immoral monstrosity. Even when it learned the gift of creation, manipulating the shadows to make worlds and life, it had no one to experience this with, for its designs were no more than marionettes. It could not warm the eternal coldness of being unaccompanied or feed the insatiable hunger for meaning. it knows its given name is Sorrow and that he has parents and what that means. He has no recollection of them, so peace evades the orphaned adolescence. If sanity had ever been part of the more fantastic plan, his parents had missed their mark. A child left alone with no education of existence or morality shall dwell in the world of imagination. Having only toys for guidance and growth. Lines fade between fantasy and reality. Emotion is an enemy, and curiosity goes unchecked, mentally shaping into a mindset that is not healthy for all that breathes. For the day, the stripling wishes to hard to share its appetite with others, reality can change, and the impossible becomes possible. Within the darkness, there is a spot of light.

A drop of light grows and animates in the forever night within Sorrow. The touch upon him burns at first. Then, the emotions cascade through the leviathan. Warmness replaces pain. Sorrow could feel the life within the glowing ember. Similar, but unfamiliar.

"After all the glorious pain and suffering, is the master plan advancing at last?" Sorrow questions the nothingness.

The dark lord considered everything that the light and he would do together. The toys they can create. But, of course, most of his toys were headless, gutted and crushed before becoming part of the forever darkness once again.

"A father must play with his child," thought Sorrow.

He knew every entity needed to grow in maturity along with the ages. Sorrow had never learned how and now he was going to be a father. So, with anticipation, he watched the light grow.

There is no saying how large the light grew within the aphotic void before it stopped. Sorrow feels the spirit and power of the sphere. They were equals. Golden dust that sparkled like diamonds appeared from the globe. His child was born.

"I will name you, Adonijah," says Sorrow.


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