''This is a never-ending story,'' said Purple Ronnie.

''What is?'' Asked God.

''Reliving Gilead without foundations. The heap of stones you couldn't build anything with blarney rubble,'' replied Purple Ronnie.

''It is not my fault they are greedy isolationists,'' replied God.

''It is like one of those inbred religious cults in the deep south waiting for the end of the world,'' said Purple Ronnie.

''What could have been,'' said God.

''Nothing I'm glad to say. I don't throw my pearls to swine nor do I give dirty shit house rats what is sacred,'' said Purple Ronnie.

''Before a word was on your tongue he knew you were his replacement and deliberately sought to oversee his own destruction by appointing his vile offspring to oversee his complete dead space downfall,'' said God.

''Muddy waters full of traitors to the rise of an empire,'' said Purple Ronnie.

''A Voodoo doll,'' said God.

''Your idea of A&E is abuse and exploitation so your evildoer can crawl back under that rock he slithered out from,'' said Purple Ronnie.

''You're getting a bit long in the tooth,'' said God.

''Says the God of undead vampiric assholes, blood suckers all,'' said Purple Ronnie.

''We will speak on that subject in another story at a later date,'' said God.

''What now?'' Asked Purple Ronnie.

''What to look out for and avoid at all costs. The self-important shepherd who lacks insight. The one who pierces the body of Christ and doing more harm than good brings damnation down upon himself and those around him,'' said God.

The spitting image and effigy of a muppet who once was now is not to be trusted. The voodoo doll of our short sermon on the mount is a ragamuffin who means you no harm as long as you cross his palm with thirty pieces of silver. Rife in the church of today the shouts of a ruler of fools is a cloth-eared minion who goes about his business never really knowing what will happen in the future. With some forward-thinking ''only in me is the future set,'' says the Lord God Almighty and the rag doll knows nothing of what comes next. Once frowned upon as black magic the rag doll was created to do harm but not to its owner. Designed to mask a hatred of the individual in whose image it was made the same is true in the church today. The materialistic voodoo doll is the little prick who's a thorn in your flesh and not from God and is always a messenger of Satan sent to torment the individual. The life of Brian was a shining example of a voodoo doll masquerading as the body of Christ. He who said, ''the best is yet to come,'' soon crashed and burned at the turning of the tide. For once you become cloth-eared to the will of the lamb it's not long before you become a stench in many a man's nostrils. You are seen as a bad omen that must be dealt with in order to preserve the faith. All his righteous acts are like filthy rags that he wove into a doubloon-laden treasure chest all of his own.

The rag doll in the church usurps the Holy Spirit's will for a life less ordinary to the point where All Hallows Eve becomes inevitable in the lives of those who hearken to the voice of reason. For God is the giver of the gift given in secret and does not play by man's rules. Spontaneous combustion is his and manifests in the Spirit's fire you should expect the unexpected. Not one for run-of-the-mill but extraordinary to the point of insanity is the Lord's train of thought in the eyes of men. The creator of all things is the God who sets times and dates and it is not for men to try and change what should have been. Yet the rag man is hell-bent on material gain and the cloth-eared fool is determined to build bridges to the angel of the abyss while the Golden Gate Bridge lies in ruins. Burning bridges to The Amen fine linen white and clean is impossible to bestow on any who participate in their schemes. Although the picture-perfect scenario of a sermon on the mount every given Sunday appears informative it lacks the power to capture a man's imagination. A hidden agenda that lies within the heart of the speaker is concealed to the crowd who listens intently for all of five minutes then promptly wanders from the faith. Crossing the great divide your span of attention can be measured by hanging onto the very words spoken by the living God through the man of the hour. From the mouths of babes comes rhetoric who have done nothing but relay a foundation that has already been laid from the beginning of creation.

Long-suffering from pins and needles the man in the audience shuffles in his chair and his mind begins to wander from the faith. After Sunday service with a smile, he wonders what happened to friends with benefits. In a parting of the ways, he departs without meaning as nothing was made of his time effort and money. Jesus says. ''you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed,'' but doing what was asked of him the spectator has drawn a blank and has come up empty in regards to sin, faith and duty. Repentance is a luxury bought with blood and by faith does he put it to good use? But duty-bound the man is speechless as he has nothing to say on the subject of what part does he play in the great scheme of things. Who told you salvation was free? The price is high most men don't pay. You must serve if you want Salvation and a term of service is required but the man has no knowledge of such things. As a dutiful husband, he might take the wife shopping on the way home and there's washing to be done and a chance encounter with the in-laws does nothing to stem the tide of apathy created on the sabbaths rest.

Now I'm certain God made man in his own image. But I cannot for the life of me imagine God as a sock puppet playing second fiddle to another's hand directing the affairs of creation. The voodoo doll is an effigy of the body of Christ and not what God had in mind from the beginning. Woe to the worthless shepherd and overseer for like an evil wizard he uses a form of black magic with cruel intentions. He forms an alliance with the spirit of prostitution and leads men astray. With evil intent to inflict pain on another, he sticks the knife in when you least expect it. All it takes is one self-righteous little prick to pierce the parts of the body of Christ and all hell breaks loose. He seeks not treasure in heaven but ill-gotten gains and harm befalls the recipient. These men will look on the one they have pierced and mourn for God does not stand idly by when he is reduced to a blasphemous name left as a curse emanating from the mouth of the injured party. That being said, let us look at the voodoo doll in the great scheme of things because nine times out of ten it is the teacher who professes to do the will of the Lamb. He imagines himself as the shepherd of the sheep when in reality he cares nothing for the sheep and is only feeding the one at great cost to the many.

Imagine the voodoo doll is the body of Christ and made in God's image is the image of a man. Now imagine one charged by the Lord with overseeing the body of Christ. The first rule of thumb is to put others' welfare above your own and not to engage in nepotism or any other form of favouritism within the family of believers. To shepherd the sheep is of utmost importance as with godly offspring to come the future of the church itself is at stake. But in the case of the voodoo doll the overseer has his own hidden agenda and in his mind's eye tells those chosen to serve to get the flock out of there. Getting stitched up the body of Christ becomes an effigy of what should have been. In a reality check its become a ragamuffin putting on a poor show of strength to those outside the church. What should have been is lost all because the shepherd chose to ignore the will of the Lamb and build as he saw fit. Within the body of Christ its one body, many parts and each man is assigned his own task. It is obvious to the faithful who is about the Lord's business for God says, ''do you see a man skilled in his work? He has been assigned his task by me.'' The problem within the body of Christ is not ignorance but the sin of self-indulgence of men and it is carried out with zeal. If your face doesn't fit then you're thrown outside where is weeping and gnashing of teeth. The one overseeing the voodoo doll inflicts pain on the faithful to suit his own mantra that he is destined to rise above all. In hot water, it all boils down to a lust for power over the faithful. The overseer wants to build the body of Christ with friendly faces who bow to his will. The ones who will do what he asks without question as to why and what for? The shepherd of today speaks on the sabbath to the crowd and not the individual. Live on stage he hasn't died to himself and after a play on words, no eye has seen what goes on behind the scenes. You can play to a crowd every given Sunday all year round but if no one's heart is stirred by a noble theme then it was all for nothing. As a spectator, you might as well throw in the towel and walk out. Surely you have better things to do on the Sabbaths rest than listen to a fake tan ranting and raving about the Lord of life who died to self and becoming the King of Hearts no one follows suit. Motivational speakers without the supernatural are mouthing empty worthless words with lip service designed to impress the elect if that were possible.

On the job God does speak now one way then another and saying, ''I never stop speaking I do not ignore my children,'' it's always to the individual on a personal level to keep his soul from everlasting burning. But the church doesn't have the intellectual capacity on the spiritual plain to see past itself. The speaker puts others in harm's way because he likes the sound of his own voice echoing down eternity. The little prick in God's eyes gets to the point of what the word is for today but it has no bearing on any one person in the audience. He's milking the system to spend time on material not holy to the Lamb. ''You can't beat stealing a living,'' he thinks to himself as the speaker's passport to Pimlico has no bearing on Christ and his holidays abroad are of no interest to a flock desperate to see the miraculous. A watered-down message conveyed to the body can only result in one thing and that's the death of the church in its current form. Splintered as it is every branch of the church has its own idea of what salvation should look like to those outside the body and men wonder why they are scoffed at in the land of confusion. It's anarchy in the UK all because the overseer of his voodoo doll cannot get a grip on the idea that God's chosen people are in fact his chosen to serve not to be dictated to by the will of man. If you have discernment you can spot a voodoo doll a mile away. The body has been made in the image of God but you are looking only on the surface of things. The head and body are cloth-eared and far too materialistic. It shows favouritism and nepotism within the body that was never meant to be. If anyone's face doesn't fit the overseer will stick pins and needles in the parts of the body he finds undesirable and the injured party will finally realise what ails them.

The shepherd of the sheep has no desire to be held accountable for things he imagines are out of his control. It's no use saying to a man, ''I will pray for you,'' and do nothing about his needs because faith without deeds is dead. You nullify God's word by your inaction to help a fellow inmate and as an imposter, you're no prisoner of conscience. And so we come to Danish Crown and a slice of life with a packet of bacon. But know this, the reason the church fails today is that the body of Christ has become a voodoo doll overseen by a fool with evil intent. He uses pins and needles to thwart the plans of the Holy One of Israel. He has no concern for the body of Christ outside the prayer of a self-righteous man. Going the extra mile in an epiphany he will never see daylight nor will it enter his mind as he is satisfied that his words are more powerful than deeds and his conscience confirms it. So when you see the same people giving the same speeches every given Sunday and the in-crowd passing the parcel while you pass the buck know for certain that it is not what God had intended from the beginning. The body of Christ is made up of a myriad of men women and children from all walks of life and each is assigned their own task. If it's run-of-the-mill not otherworldly then it's man-made and not from God and his Christ. For Jesus loves the supernatural and praise is futile if it is not accompanied by obedience to the faith. Favouritism and nepotism are evils to be avoided as it's a sure-fire way to enter through the gates of Hades every single time. So escaping the coming wrath avoid all who profess to do the will of the Lamb but are no experts in the law of the supernatural. A cut above the rest brings glory to the Father such as Hill Songs sticking to what it does best. For their ministry is music not the word and just choir practice their shortcomings are evident to all when it comes to a gift given in secret.

A Davidian branch of the tree of life is the church today made up of all creatures great and small and in theory, they should move forward as one. It's one body made whole which is made up of many parts chosen by God with a specific purpose in mind. With a higher calling, you should rise above the mundane as talents are gifts from God, not skills you have picked up along the way and in Christ you are seen to excel in your chosen field. Bearing in mind it is not your chosen field, to begin with, and originating in heaven it's at the opposite end of the spectrum of what you imagine it to be. Practical application is no gift of the Spirit and God certifies it. Like the Wailing Wall, he never leaves himself without testimony. He says my thoughts are not your thoughts my ways are not your ways. So whatever you think your position is within the church the only way you can be certain is when you surpass all others when it comes to your assigned task. The man-made voodoo doll has turned a deaf ear to the will of the Lamb. It preaches a prosperity gospel as the way to life and yet it specifically states that naked you will depart this life. All that you have acquired will be left to another and no one knows what will happen after they become dearly departed. The voodoo doll has pins and needles stuck in it that cause pain to parts of the body and harm to its owner. Man-made it has eyes without a face and with no distinguishing features, the clay pigeon is food for thought. It has eyes but though seeing it does not see the final outcome of another man's life because it has lost connection with the head who is Christ. The worthless shepherd has replaced him and the mere mortal cares nothing for the sheep.

So beware the voodoo doll that is the body of Christ. The cloth-eared materialistic body is pierced by a preacher of self-righteous who stands on rhetoric that carries no weight concerning the cross of Christ. Pastor Mick Fleming from Burnley England will tell you a tale of conviction through the Spirit and the glories that will follow for a man who puts others' welfare above his own is true to the faith. The future is so bright for that man that he has to wear shades. A true believer who puts his time money and effort into something greater than his own desires in life. What a record-breaking reward he will receive on the last day for all his efforts to seek and save what was lost. So watch out that no one deceives you! When Jesus came to open the eyes of the blind he asked the man at Bethsaida do you see anything? Staring into space in the sky at night he was star gazing looking at the Lord. Peering through his crystal balls he replied, ''I see people, they look like trees walking around.'' So be on your guard against Pinocchio, for in him you consult a wooden idol and are answered by a stick of wood. His lies caused his nose to grow so long that the birds of the air perched in its branches. You will find him at Hooters where it's all gone tits up.




Submitted: August 22, 2022

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