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Chapter 19


In spite of never having been present during Alondra's abduction from Earth or during her actual captivity with Night Wind, Blue Stallion knew her story.  Quinta had shared everything his elders ( and he himself) had seen regarding the female captives.

He informed a shocked Alondra Nazario how she'd been lured away from her home by Night Wind.

"He made you believe he was helping you but in fact, he led you here, to this world,"- Blue Stallion motioned all around him, trying to show her he was referring to the entire planet.  
Alondra of course, didn't understand it.

"What do you mean he "led me to this world"?"

"He tricked you into coming to this world, the Meztic world.  Here, he made you think he wanted you to live with him, in union.  But in fact.....he cares nothing for you.  He is a soldier for Zuma, and because of this, he kept you in a hut.  And....." he paused.  Would she be able to handle the information he was about to give her?

Alondra didnt understand anything about parallel worlds.  She couldn't grasp this concept.  But she did understand Blue Stallion was basically saying Night Wind had lied to her.  That he didn't love her.  
"And what?  What lies are you going to tell me now?"- she cried, clearly upset and unwilling to believe him.

" in this world....women are seen as tools for the survival of man.  Zuma, the ruler supreme, has been following an old way of life- a way which claims all females are to be used for reproduction.  Women are taken to different parts of our world, and are made to have sexual relations with many men.  Generals, they call them.  From these unions....children are born.  These children are then raised by the warriors- tho only the boys.  The girls are eliminated."

This had the exact reaction he'd expected.  Alondra's eyes widened and she shook her head.  She moved away from him, exclaiming over and over again he was insane.  
How could she believe any of this nonsense?

"Lies.....lies....."- she stated.  She tried to stand up from where she'd sat inside the tepee but he stopped her.

"No.  It is all true.  And it is.....quite possible you have already birthed several children and not even know it,"- Blue Stallion added.

This statement made her laugh, but not because it was funny.  Wouldn't she know if she'd given birth?
She was about to say something when the distant memory of a dream came to her.  In it she saw herself with a large pregnant stomach.  She had also had several other dreams where she'd held a newborn to her breasts.  These dreams had always given her a strange feeling- of a sadness....or a great longing, which she interpreted as her desire to become a mother one day. 

"You've dreamed of them, haven't you?"- she heard him ask.

She felt a sudden throb on her nipples.  "Them?"

"The babies.  You think they're dreams, but they are not.  You think you dreamed of giving birth.....but in fact, it did happen."

Alondra shook her head.  She had never been pregnant.  How could she have given birth?

"Dreams.....all I've had are dreams. would you know?"- she asked.  

Blue Stallion then revealed to her the tactics used to keep her under sexual control.   And Alondra's world, shattered.



A few months later, Alondra Nazario had obtained enough information from Blue Stallion and the others about what had happened to her.

It was crazy to realize she was living in a world where Spain or England or any of the countries she'd known about- didn't exist.  Even though she hadn't mentioned it earlier, eventually she asked Blue Stallion the question that nagged her when they'd first met.

"Your eyes....they are blue.  How is this?" - she'd asked him.

This was when she realized that he, Blue Stallion, had also come from her world.  Except he had come in as a child.  His parents had been from Spain and France, and he'd been born in New Spain like her.  This was why he looked different from the other Meztic, who all had brown eyes and dark hair.

Alondra realized that the women and some of the children present in the village where all humans as well.  The younger children tho, were a mix of human and Meztic.  
They lived in the village alongside the men- by choice.  And they had apparently arrived to the Meztic world by choice too.  

After learning of what life could be between the two races, Alondra was horrified at what she'd been made to endure.   To be used and abused, to have her body be utilized in such a cruel way.  She'd never had a choice in anything.  To her, becoming a mother was a personal choice, not something a group of strangers chose for her.  To think she'd been passed around different men and forced to have their children?  It all both enraged and horrified her.

And to think that every human female abducted from her world was forced to become a sexual slave! 

She was pained to realize the man she loved, Night Wind-did not in fact even feel anything for her.  

This made her hate Night Wind with everything she had.  But it also made her wonder what had happened to the children she'd birthed.  She had no way of knowing how many children she'd had, but she she felt in her soul it was more than one.  

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