The Simple Things in Life

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The Simple Things in Life

By: alpacaco.



Tabitha enjoyed the simple things in life.


A cup of tea, a cool Summer breeze, a cat bathing in the sun.


What kind of tea did she drink? How hot was it outside? What breed of cat was living its own simple life?


The green tea was made just right. The breeze brought relief from the intense sun of the 90-degree day. The orange tabby shifted positions.


Tabitha was content with her simple life. 


But at some point, all simple things come to change.


The tea will cool, and only its leaves will be left.


The sun will set, and the night will bring a cold.


The cat will run from the sun and into the shadows at the first sense of danger.


Tabitha grew restless, just as all simple things do – changing from one simple thing into another.


The tea leaves will be swept away in water as the cup is washed, giving way to the next cup of tea. The cool night brings out the quiet. The cat will reemerge from the shadows when the danger has passed.


Tabitha found love in lavender tea. Tabitha found calmness in a Spring rainstorm. Tabitha found comfort in her new pet snake which spent its day bathing in the light of the terrarium lamp.


Tabitha enjoyed the simple things in life.


Submitted: August 25, 2022

© Copyright 2022 alpacaco.. All rights reserved.

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