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This is a collection of short fiction.

Black Daffodils and Colonel Poop

Colonel Poop is the religious leader of the country Black Daffodils. The constitution of Black Daffodils country is called Poop-Art. Colonel Poop and his followers are intolerant of the religious followers of the Religion Good-Faith-Tree. Colonel Poop’s Home Minister called Shallow-Democracy-Thug takes pleasure in burning the sacred book of the religion Good-Faith-Tree: Cape of Good Hope. Not only that, Colonel Poop passed a Draconian law that forbids conversion of people to the religion Good-Faith-Tree. The most shocking incident that happened in the country Black Daffodils is that Colonel Poop’s Home Minster Shallow-Democracy-Thug burned alive to death a Missionary and his children out of vendetta. Not only that: the Home Minister of Shallow-Democracy-Thug welcomed and garlanded the Rapists who gang-raped a woman from another religion called Arab-Fig tree and were exonerated. Not only that, the court of the country Black Daffodils let the rapists to go scot free. Again the court of Colonel Poop changed the laws of the constitution called Poop-art and forbid the women of Arab-Fig-Tree from wearing their ceremonial dress. Colonel Poop and his notorious followers want to change the constitution Poop Art and make Black Daffodils are religious republic.

Free Rites and the Red Dragon

The country Free-Rites is an island country and having the rule of a liberal democracy. The Country Red-Dragon thinks that the country Free-Rites belongs to them. For a long time they have been waiting to invade the country Free-Rites and they became pissed off when the Country Bewitch-O-Cracy  send its diplomatic delegation to the Country Free-Rites and not only that the diplomats of Bewitch-O-Country were awarded legions of honor. The country Red Dragon, moved in their ships and threatened Bewitch-O-Cracy with serious consequences. The country Bewitch-O-Cracy did not back-down and then the country Red-dragon backed off as they had no balls.


Submitted: August 26, 2022

© Copyright 2022 anand bose. All rights reserved.

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