Hey, um. I'm not too good at introducing myself, but here goes, I guess.

My name is Jack Eaton and I'm a detective. Ya know, one of those depressed dickheads that contemplate whether living life is all that worth it. I'm not well liked by people either, except my boss, Gary Green. He's also my adoptive father, but let's keep that between us, okay? I already get bullied enough at work as is.

Anyway, Gary gave me this case that's a bit on the odd side. I'm supposed to investigate this cave with a golden lake within it. That water has healing powers, so it's our department's job to protect it at all costs. Apparently that lake also has a monster residing in it, so that sounds like a fun time, doesn't it? There's people living in that cave too and that makes absolutely no sense to me. Guess we'll have to see if I end up like the other detectives that were on this case before me which is kinda, well. Dead.

Wish me luck.

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29.07.2018 Hey.   Sorry to bother you again, but I have no-one else to talk to right now. Gary's busy and William is... ... Read Chapter


02.08.2018 It had been raining for about a week now in Rivermoor, which seemed to depress quite a lot of people in the city. August w... Read Chapter


02.08.2018 "Hello, chief." The greeting was given with a warm smile, to which Gary replied with his own.   "Hello there,... Read Chapter


  03.08.2018 It feels heavy. Everything, all that surrounds me. It's probably a dream. I know it's a dream. I've had it befo... Read Chapter


04.08.2018 The day began relatively well. I wasn't woken up too early and I didn't even see bullshit dreams that hindered my entire m... Read Chapter


05.08.2018 Another day, another run at the footage. Like said, there was a fuck-ton of it, so it would take multiple days to go throu... Read Chapter


06.08.2018 It's monday, yaaay. Not that it mattered much since it didn't make me wake up any earlier than usual. Not like I had hou... Read Chapter


07.08.2018 Let's see then.   Door locked? Check.   Um. Yeah, that's about it, right? There's nothing else I... Read Chapter


08.08.2018 Waking up was a frustrating thing to do, in general and especially today. Yesterday had been quite eventful and then I had... Read Chapter


Small NSFW warning, implied sexual activity, implied sexual abuse
Read Chapter


11.08.2018 "Oh, fancy seeing you up and about." Usher let out a laugh, sitting by the dinner table, having been typing on his compute... Read Chapter


14.08.2018 So far, there hasn't been much to write about when it came to proof of foul play, annoyingly enough. I found more errors o... Read Chapter


15.08.2018 Hmm, what should I do, I wonder. It would be tasteless, but no-one else would know other than me. I don't exactly care eit... Read Chapter

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Haha, thank you for taking the time to read it.

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Goddamn, this is good! I've probably read this part way too many times and I still love reading it~! Also, love the humor in this so fucking much. Damn.

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Wow, language. Haha, I kid. Thank you for reading this over so many times. I'm really surprised you haven't gotten bored by now.

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