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Kiley and Chad have had an unpleasant dining experience, thanks to their inept and unprofessional server. Kiley takes to Squeal, a dining review forum, to lodge her complaints. As the weeks go by, she will come to regret her decision as she begins to realize REVENGE takes many forms.

Table of Contents

The Encounter

The places and characters in this book are fictitious. Any resemblance to any person or persons, living or dead, is strictly coincidental.
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The Review

Chapter 2: The Review When Kiley and Chad returned home, Chad went on to bed. Kiley was the sort of person who just couldn’t let th... Read Chapter

The Assault

Chapter 3: The Assault  Jeff sat slumped in the chair, staring at Karen through his long, dirty bangs. His arms were folded in d... Read Chapter


Chapter 4: Jeff  In the entire time Pluto’s had been open, there had been only one other incident besides Jeff’s.&... Read Chapter

Watchful Eyes

5: Watchful Eyes One morning, Chen, from the mailroom, approached Kiley as she sat at her work desk. “I got somethin’ for ya,” ... Read Chapter

The Out of Town Trip

Chapter 6: The Out-of-Town Trip One evening, Chad informed Kiley of his plans to go out of town for an upcoming Software Convention. ... Read Chapter

The Taunting Continues

7: The Taunting Continues Another week had come and gone before the police finally contacted Kiley. They had gone over the envelopes ... Read Chapter


  8. Hacked  After another round of calls to the police, Kiley became increasingly impatient. Her case had not been res... Read Chapter

Gathering Evidence

9: Gathering Evidence  With each new incident, Kiley was careful to document each one. She had contacted the credit card company... Read Chapter

Questioning the Suspect

Chapter 10: Questioning the Suspect  When the police arrived at Jeff’s boarding house, they spoke with the landlady who said J... Read Chapter


11: Clues  Chad came into the house one evening with a stack of mail. “What’s in it?” Kiley asked nervously. “I think it... Read Chapter


Chapter 12: All-Aboard  One day, Chad came home and told Kiley he would need to take her car for a few days as his needed to go ... Read Chapter

The Chase

Chapter 13. The Chase As Kiley looked outside, she noticed a police car behind them. All at once, its lights came on, and the siren b... Read Chapter

Let It Go!

  Chapter 14: Let It Go A month had passed, and Jeff had been in jail awaiting trial. The District Attorney now had enough e... Read Chapter

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