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The saying "it is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all" doesn't really fit the whole process and world toppling chaos of intimate relationships. It does not take in account the work involved; the courtship, the mishaps, the Love Misplaced, remembering special dates, or being overly affectionate. It says nothing of the disappointment and failures during the search of seeking love, nor of the near fantasy reached in those sincere moments when amor is captured and we blanket ourselves in it. No, that phrase simply will not do.
What is worse than the total agony of being in love? Now that has a specific and genuine ringing truth to it. Could there be any other way to describe love? Oh, yes. Let's go get the $#!^ kicked out of us by love! Now, that's the cherry on top.

To the edge I strode smiling immense, the fool
Glanced the expanse with no fear, heart doomed
Considered unknown with aspiration, ever hopeful

Not once questioned denial of trance, lessons unlearned
Entrapped in euphoria of splendid bliss, heart reawakens
Together in the jump we were, sole believed

Jovial spirit returned from dismal, illusion consumed
Their fear of pained would-be, steady patience
Halt progress for divine guide, reason spoken

They longed for moment passed, pushing present
Held to desires historic, friendship tread
Eager pursue of memory endearing, descend alone

Lost amongst creeping seclusion, hindsight vivid
Dangling emotions confusing, warning foretold
Held tightly some frozen moments, memories enriched

Their voice sweetening my days, softly killing
Forced tongue to silence heart, empty lingers
Afloat surviving this breaking, forward moving

* * *

I desire the stars casting away the birds
Feeling the warmth of passion not for me intended,
Tears upon your cheeks for into my eyes not his you gaze.
This other’s voice caring assuring lifting seeking
And upon my ears deaf to this world I am seeking,
For you I tempt impress and woo
Whilst their heart yearns my notice.
To love you distances me,
Pressed away been response.
Pine for me their desolation,
Companion none more reaction.
Overlook reality for fairy-tale lie
That script read so ever right,
Brought from threshold of gloom
Illusion so believed that adore bloomed.
Reality reveals piercing truths
His face not mine you yearn for
And face not yours desires mine.
After my heart they intend
But wrongfully it claimed as yours,
Oblivious to effects shone with tender word
And hated for loving who not loves back.
This one here longs for me though I long for you
Unfair be the destinies as they play.

Submitted: September 01, 2022

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