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I'm not on Earth anymore

Pomegranate, orchid, and amaranthine colored songbirds whistle a melody that floats on the cool jungle breeze. Their song carries with it the majesty and awe of the massive exotic forest in which they call home. They are nature’s choir, and as they fly between tree branches they fill the air with serenity and joy and energy. This moment would seem a contradiction to a mortal of limited thought in their understanding of existence.

Other creatures of this vast exotic forest trumpet and whine, coo and chirp, flutter and prance, creating an orchestra of the planet’s spirit. The sound is loud but not overbearing, busy and crowded but not cluttered. It is soothing, comforting, and powerful.

A healthy mix of brightly, diverse foliage dance with the song from the variant winged choir. Leaves of ultramarine, plum, and apricot crisscross the landscape, rustling in unison to the beat that is the jungle.

I sit back inhaling the overly abundant fresh air, eyes closed, enjoying the noise that is a mixture of spirit, nature, and dream. I almost lose my self to relaxation as my body eases into the difference of gravity; it is roughly three times greater than my former homeworld.

When I had first landed some forgotten time ago I almost cracked my own back due to the strain of moving. However, now it is like second nature, or as easy as riding a mule after being kicked off, as the old expression would tell. I think that is how the ancestors put it. Archaic phrases are no matter though, that was the old world, this jungle is my new one.

Sitting against a tree the color of fulvous I find myself no longer wanting “home” or family or friend; I no longer desire my former life. I do not miss what was, I have embraced what is.

These trees and winged creatures which I refer to using my terrestrial language, undoubtedly insulting their unique and own self-recognition, are all I know now, they are my “home”. I am content with the solitude I discovered on this strange and bold world. No, more then content, I am at peace here. I am happy, that type of jovial emotion that is sought after for a lifetime but never achieved. I am blessed beyond any hope.

From the distance I hear a low rumbling and immediately know a storm is fast approaching. I had learned the hard way that the storms of this planet were fierce and far more treacherous than those of my former homeworld. It was as if ocean waves fell from the sky. I had watched all types of creatures flee in all directions to escape what loomed over their many heads, far before even a single drop ever fell from the cloudless titian sky. And when the water began falling I felt as if nature itself were pummeling into the corner of a boxing ring, as the weight of the droplets struck me. The increased gravity had truly made a difference.

My vessel took the brunt of the damage as I sought sanctuary within the cockpit. The droplets struck the vessel with the thuds resonate to that of a mighty hammer of power. The dents that the storm left only further proved that I would not be able to use the vessel to break orbit and find a way off the planet. All doubt was removed that I had been stranded on a strange and dangerous world. That was then. Now, I have master a small area that I call my own.

As the storm rolls in I make my way to a cave which I discovered during one of my many expeditions of the area. It is cold, damp, and very dark. I have not ventured too deep into it, but far enough to remain safe from the elements and any potential predators.

The storm outside looks frightfully beautiful, with stunning cobalt and sapphire skies transformed by the approaching tempest of scarlets and auburns. I gaze at it and lose myself to whimsical dreams, realizing how truly alone I am on this new world.

Submitted: September 01, 2022

© Copyright 2022 CENTAURI ADAMS. All rights reserved.

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