The Boy Scout and the Brute

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Despite the brooding vigilante hating the company of the iconic superhero, the bright beacon of hope and grim reminder of consequence work together to make the city better.

The following story is based on the many characters created by artist and author David Okum. Okum created the basics for the characters' backstory or origin, their powerset, and the basic reason for their goals or actions. I took the next step and crafted literary situations, as well as detailed character personality profiles (like secret identities) to create a well-rounded world full of intriguing and nostalgic personas.

High above the city skyline, zipping through the clouds, Scarlet Avenger looked down at the sulking citizens of Five Points as they went about achieving their daily routines. His lips twisted into a frown, he wondered how so many people in one place could be so discouraged. If only they had some hope, he thought to himself, then, maybe the five boroughs could achieve something truly great. And that was why the iconic leader of Liberty Guard had come to such a dismal city: to bring hope!
To achieve what many of his crimefighting partners said would be impossible, Scarlet Avenger believed that one of Five Points’ very own would need to answer the great call of becoming a bonified superhero, and then other citizens would follow, forging a bright path into an unknown future. For the cosmically-powered symbol of justice there was only one person that could make such a difference.
Scarlet Avenger continued soaring through the dim skies of Five Points in search of its greatest defender, and after surveying the rooftops of the city for nearly twenty minutes he finally located the vigilante. Dressed in his usual grey bodysuit accompanied with multiple giant spikes, the vigilante was perched on the ledge of a three story building. “Ah ha,” Scarlet Avenger gasped aloud. Swiftly, and with a great big smile, the ultimate hero swooshed down between towering skyscrapers to hover right next to the brooding do-gooder.
“Kimera! What are you doing perched on this building?”
Kimera grunted and tilted his head back toward the nation’s iconic superhero, peering at the brightly colored cape that billowed in the breeze. The cape, and the man wearing the cape, greatly annoyed the vigilante. “None of your bee’s wax boyscout!” he answered
Scarlet Avenger landed on the rooftop, his arms folding over themselves, “Oh, that’s mature! Is that that the best you can do, vigilante?”
“Quiet,” Kimera sneered, his attention returning to the alleyway that wrapped behind TJ’s Bar and Grill. Just at the edge of the alleyway two men joined up after coming from opposite directions, and Kimera knew there would be trouble as soon as he recognized the pattern of skulls splattered across the blue tights that a well-known supervillain wore. “Nekro and Razorwire are down there!”
Scarlet Avenger rushed to the ledge, but cautiously peered over the edge of the rooftop. “Great Scott!” he gasped. “What do you suppose they’re up to?”
Kimera jumped over Scarlet Avenger, down to the alleyway below, a huge smile on his face, “why don’t we bash some heads together and find out?”
“Kimera! Wait!” Scarlet Avenger called out. It was too late though, Kimera was already rushing toward the dastardly duo. Shrugging his shoulders he leapt down from the rooftop, joining Kimera.
Nekro noticed the rushing vigilante first, “cripes! Superheroes!”
“Aw man!” Razorwire cried out. He spun around and instinctively threw out his arm, and from his hand an orange beam of crackling, spiked energy flew. “It’s only Kimera!” he murmured.
The beam of energy encircled the brooding vigilante, lifting him off the ground. As the en ergy dimmed it transformed into a metallic barbed wire. “Ow!” Kimera shrieked.
“Slice him!” Nekro shouted nervously. “Dice him!”
“Shut up!” Razorwire screamed. He was surprised that he had entangled the vigilante so easily. He stroked his masked chin, “I’m trying to think.”
“Think about this! Evil-doer!” Scarlet Avenger swooped in, punching the surprised supervillain square in the jaw. Razorwire fell to the ground unconscious. The dastardly duo had forgotten all about the brightly caped icon.
Nekro turned and began running, but Kimera had regained his footing, more than excited to give chase. “Can we talk about this?” Nekro called out.
“I hate zombies!” Kimera retorted disgustedly, just before he leapt through the air. With a thundering crash Kimera tackled the supervillain to the ground, the two of them bouncing off the concrete and landing amidst a gathering of trash cans.
Nekro was dazed, mumbling incoherently. Kimera grabbed him by the collar, pulled him close, and with a gleaming broad grin, punched the supervillain in the face. Nekro slumped into unconsciousness. “Lights out creep!” the vigilante beamed, satisfied.
“That was a great job,” Scarlet Avenger began, “considering how reckless it was for you to jump down into the alley in the first place.”
Kimera grumbled something under his breath, but the superhero could not make it out. Scarlet Avenger watched as the vigilante dragged the two supervillains together, tying them up with rope. “So, what were they up to anyhow?” Scarlet Avenger asked.
“Dunno.” Kimera answered.
“What do you mean, you don’t know?”
“Just that!” Kimera scoffed. “I. Don’t. Know.”
“They had to have committed a crime?!”
“Nope. Well, at least, not yet.”
“Then why did you attack?” Scarlet Avenger exasperated.
“These losers are supervillains,” Kimera groaned, “and they tend to do nasty things whenever they get together. I don’t need any other reason than that.”
“But we were just walking by,” Razorwire said, waking up sluggishly.
THWACK! Kimera was smiling and Razorwire was unconscious again.
“Hey!” Scarlet Avenger shouted. “You can’t just knock him out again.”
Kimera sighed heavily. “Look at these two scum buckets, superhero,” he said, gesturing toward the tied-up supervillains. “They have stolen hundreds of thousands from the city banks. Together they have caused millions in damages. And, that one there,” Kimera pointed at Nekro, “he likes to bring dead people back to life. The both of them do horrible things, and I beat them up. It’s as simple as that!”
Kimera hauled the tied-up supervillains toward the busy street, resting them against a light pole. Citizens passed by, unaffected by the scene. Scarlet Avenger was astonished. “So, you’re just going to leave these dangerous supervillains here?”
“Of course!” Kimera mused. “Police will be here soon.”
Kimera took a quick glance down the street and turned back to the alleyway. He raced toward the hanging ladder of a nearby fire escape and leapt up to it effortlessly. “Can’t you hear the sirens?”
Scarlet Avenger had indeed heard the approaching police. He had even seen the swirling red and blue lights as the patrol car sped down the street toward them. “Don’t you want to tell them what happened?” the iconic superhero asked. “Make an official report?”
“No!” Kimera shouted. Scarlet Avenger spun around to see that the vigilante had already scaled the apartment complex a few buildings away; he was on the roof running away from the crime scene. Scarlet Avenger zipped up to the roof, and idly flew next to the sprinting vigilante.
The leader of Liberty Guard wore a slight frown, which made Kimera smirk. “The police and I don’t see eye to eye,” the vigilante scoffed.
“It shouldn’t be that way.” Scarlet Avenger said. “You should be working with them. You’re a superhero after all.”
Kimera screeched to a halt, his clawed feet scraping at the blacktop of the roof. “No I’m not!” he shouted.
“Well, yes, of course you don’t have superpowers, I know, but you still—”
“I’m a vigilante,” Kimera cut the superhero off. “Even if I had superpowers I’d be a vigilante. I don’t play by the rules because they are too limiting. Bad people do bad things and I beat them up. That’s all! Simple, effective!”
Scarlet Avenger was upset. “But it could be better. You could really make a difference.”
“How?” Kimera snarled. “By having a public headquarters that houses a museum? By bending to the beck-and-call of the police and the mayor? Or maybe, you want me to get all dressed up in an ugly bright costume, mentor a child sidekick, and then go on television to promote education?”
Scarlet Avenger had not liked the vigilante’s suggestive tone. “I can’t believe I came here for this,” he stated. “I thought – I believed that it would work.”
“Why did you come to Five Points, boyscout? What did you think would work?”
“I came here to ask you to lead a team of superheroes in Five Points.” Scarlet Avenger declared. “I suggested to my partners that we create a branch of Liberty Guard here, to help make the city into what it’s supposed to be.”
Kimera laughed. “You thought you could create a team here, in Five Points? And you thought I would lead them?” Kimera fell to the blacktop, squeezing his gut, as he laughed and laughed.
Scarlet Avenger shook his head. “Very mature vigilante!”
“I’m sorry, but you – oh man, you really thought I would lead – that’s too good.” Kimera continued to laugh.
Scarlet Avenger took off into the gloomy skyline. As he swooshed through the air the superhero could still hear the vigilante laughing behind him. The leader of Liberty Guard was disappointed in himself; he had had this foolish notion that the vigilante would have been honored to lead a team of superheroes, despite their ruthless approach to crime-fighting, and brooding attitude.
Very mature indeed, Scarlet Avenger thought to himself. He shook his head as he flew beyond city limits, a descending sun making the horizon bright with mixed pinks, reds, and purples.

Submitted: September 01, 2022

© Copyright 2022 CENTAURI ADAMS. All rights reserved.

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