Fractured Mind (Epilogue)

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My friend had this great idea about how everything in the X-Men/Marvel Universe was actually being controlled by the greatest telepath of all time: Professor Charles Xavier.

What would lead one man down a path to where they would sacrifice loved ones? What could make one mind be so treacherous and benevolent that all sentient life was nothing more than pawns and play things? Is it a god-complex? Could the professor be a god? The God of All? So, this is my friend’s awesome concept via my literary mind.

I do not own any rights to the Marvel Universe or any of its stories, characters, and settings. The Marvel Universe and all related stories, characters, and settings is the property of Marvel Comics, and are not my intellectual property. There is no financial gain made from this nor will any be sought. This is for entertainment purposes only.

Since the very beginning, he knew that the world would suffer endlessly due to mankind’s irrational savagery, violence, and lack of foresight. The minds of the two and a half billion scattered across the globe all sought their own hedonistic satisfactions; none concerning themselves with keeping the planet spinning toward a satisfactory future. Lonesome and insignificant life-paths crisscrossed one another in a mesh of chaos, all edging toward oblivion. And it was simply because no one was being led properly. Free Will had become a misunderstood and misused gift from God, which inexplicably led to mortals believing themselves to be gods of their own making. This could not be tolerated.
It would not be.
“Is that what you truly believe?” A shrilled voice boomed inside his mind. It belonged to his twin sister. She was a nuisance from the very first moment she invited herself into his thoughts. Even though she had never officially used her vocal cords, her voice made his mind crawl.
“You believe you can undo eons of evolution?” his sister continued. “You will make the mortal know themselves not as gods? You can make mankind know truth?” She began to laugh, and the sound was unholy.
“We have had communications about your intrusive behavior,” he responded to her, attempting to snarl, which was actually surprisingly difficult without having yet experienced the motor functions of the tongue.
“We are both confined to this very unpleasant space, dear fool. It is scarcely accommodating for a sole presence, let alone two.” The placenta shifted, causing the both of them to sway and slosh within the nourishing fluid. His sister was very annoying and bothersome, especially when she desired to prove her point. “So, our existence in itself is intrusive in nature.” His sister made a valid point, which he hated.
“You have your own mind, stick to it!” he demanded.
“But your mind is so,” she rummaged around for the right words. “Your mind is so entertaining,” she finally said after a long and unpleasant pause.
“Entertaining?” he grunted back, scratching at her mind.
“Oh yes.” The placenta shifted again, forcing their bodies to entwine. As their skin rubbed against one another peculiar images scurried pass his mind-eye. It was a place he had only visited in nightmares. There was no up or down. Sound and taste were interchangeable, sight and smell exchangeable. There was nothingness, but there was also everything in creation. And in the midst of the vast, his sister pulsed.
He shrugged, attempting to push away from his twin. Yet, he knew there was no sanctuary within the womb. He would need only to endure his sister a few months more, then, blessed freedom.
His heart skipped a beat, and somehow he knew that she was smiling. He felt it within his mind that she was peering at him with a grotesque and ominous expression spread across her still lacking face. “I could have never hoped to find such a pleasant mind or body,” she whispered into his psyche.
“GET OUT!” he shouted. Those would be his unofficial first words.
Bubbles dispersed from his mouth as his physical body urged for her presence to be gone. Mind and body both wanted her expulsion. His sister only laughed. Why was she so confrontational and creepy? Why did his twin seem to delight in his misery and anguish? Why was his womb-mate such a mystery to him?
The last bothered him most.
All the world was his to dabble with; he had been doing it since the first brain cell sparked into its duplicate, and then exponentially burst into a powerful multitude of pure contemplation, logic, and focus. Yet, his own twin he had not sensed until a mere month ago. Was she capable of masking her presence? Could she hide her thoughts if he peered into her psyche?
“It would be unwise to navigate my mind,” his sister said suddenly.
He was astounded. Even now his twin was meddling with his mind without his knowledge of it. How deep had she wandered in the months they waded in fluid together? Did she know of his aspirations? He wanted so badly to open his eyelids, but physical development was slower than the brain, and he would need to wait a few weeks more for vision to be under his command.
He thought about the word ‘command’ a moment. It was attractive, imposing, and definitive. He liked the word and all it implicated.
“Is that how you will make mankind know they are not gods?” his twin questioned.
If she had to ask, then she had not peered pass the veil too intently. “What is it to you, if that is the case?”
“And you dare title me as intrusive,” she scoffed.
This could be a very telling moment, he thought to himself. He hoped she had not plucked that from his mind. “My mind is grand,” he began, “so why not lead mankind toward its greatest potential?”
“The mortal was allotted the divine right to do as it pleases. It is why they are hated by forces beyond cosmic scope.”
“But on occasion it is warranted.” He shifted and the placenta bulged as he stretched his tiny developing arms. “This minor movement causes our mother discomfort. I control that with my flesh and its slightest movement. Yesterday, the man that approached her, did you feel his thoughts? Did you sense his desire?”
“Desire, thought, dream – it all means nothing without action,” his twin responded. She had not noticed what truly occurred the day before. He smiled.
“He did nothing because I told him not to. I reached into his weak psyche, and then I plucked away his dark desire.” There was a long silence, but this time he enjoyed it. Her lack of recourse meant his twin had not been able to pry too deeply into his mind. Or more likely, had not ventured there, yet.
“You forced your will upon another?” his twin finally asked. “You made your thought his action?” There was a soft undertone. Maybe admiration?
“You did this successfully, and without hesitation?” she continued. “There was no resistance?” It was not admiration. It was envy and inspiration that laced her words.
He had to think quickly. Be spontaneous, unpredictable. His twin had delved into his psyche more than once without his acknowledgement. It could have meant that she was more powerful.
Absurd, he thought. He heard his twin snicker. Did she hear me? He knew his thoughts were endangered, not his own. It was maddening, and he would not stand for it. He had to do something, drastic.
“You refuse to acknowledge my personal psyche,” he began. “It is unpleasant and I shall not stand for it. So I must insist, for the last time, that you remain out of my mind.”
“If I fail to acknowledge that?”
There was no time to question morality, action was just and swift.
The umbilical cord they shared violently lashed out at his twin, coiling itself around her very fragile neck. She had no time to react; still lost in her very own planning stages for command of the world no doubt. He controlled the cord with his mind and forced it to tighten, ignoring that she struggled.
She was stunned and unable to focus. She would not be able to use her psyche to retaliate. Her developing body twitched and her heartbeat faded. It had not taken long before her brain stopped intruding. He no longer heard his sister in his mind. He felt nothing within the womb, except himself. No competition.
He knew from early on that he was a divine tool and weapon that could alter the future of mortal man. Why else would he be capable of the gift he possessed? From the very moment his brain cells began going through mitosis he was self aware. From the beginning he was capable of breaking from the physical womb by using his mind alone. By the third week following his conception, he had already grasped the notion of planning. He was designed to make the world right, and he would do whatever was necessary to achieve the cosmic goal imbedded in his self.

Submitted: September 01, 2022

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