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A fearless knight 


Going by the name 


Sir Frederic of Clard


More powerful than any other


Carrying with him charms and Spells, that have kept him alive 


throughout fighting years


Storms into the dense night of a forbidden jungle


Searching for a bountiful prize 


Deep into the heart of the forsaken forest


Battling all types of beast of prey


slaughtering his way through them all


He maintains his health


By drinking vital potions


And speaking charms to keep up his energy


So he can continue his way to


Proclaim the centre source the heart of translosavia 


A sacred tree


The guiding source to all of what's known in the kingdom of Yiork


Where there is a beast of a leviathan that awaits 


At the heart of translosavia 


The guardian Is stern and most of all fearless 


A giant, of proportion 


It alone contains more power than the jungles worth of creatures combined


But Sir Frederic of card 


Does not care


And continues to dare to get his prise


Entering his lair


A clear open part of the forest,


with large trees surrounding the outside walls creating a roof canopy from the wide spread branches 


It's is dark and foggy atmosphere with lights flashing through some holes of the canopy 


And the centre source The tree of translosavia


Wonderful, it is a breathtaking sight to behold


Gold it's branches


With no flaws or flowers just leaves that grow


All baring and the most brightest Gold you have ever seen


But then arriving is the beast


Standing hundred meters tall


at the height as the tallest trees 


Of the dense forest catacombs


It comes down, with a smashing fist 


Crashing the ground creating a shock wave as it rumbles the ground causing an earthquake to unfold upon the surface 


But our knight carries with him a levitating charm


And sways to the side out of the way of pounding fist


And hovers above the earthquake ripple


Bringing about his own blow


Shattering the beast arm clean off


But this on enrages the leviathan even more


As it comes down with crashing leg


But our knight simply uses his levitating charms again and sways to the side 


Latching onto its knee and running up its leg 


taking a flying leap and grasping its remaining arm


Jumping off its elbow 


Heading towards it torso


And striking a blow into its chest and conutuiley sliding down its ribcage 


Disemboweling its core,


It's insides, remain its out sides


Guts everywhere 


But the leviathan does not give up


And the beast comes with a grasping hand and grabs Frederic 


as the beast makes his way to it's hungry egare mouth


With our knight situated in its hand


making a taste as he stretches out his tongue 


But with a slash of Frederic sword he cuts his tongue right off


And in pain the beast release him


Stumbling around the levtaintion does


As Frederic just stay standing there staring him down


Then the beast now lays its eyes upon him


And the leviathan makes his way to our brave knight


For one last desperate attack


But our knight awaits patiently till the very last second


And as the leviathan make his flying leap at Frederic 


who makes an attacking pose


Staying calm






The Beast


Fly towards him


And at the last second 


In a final movement 


Puts his sword through the levitation head


Then a twist,


And a release of Frederic's sword 


Then the flow of blood rushes


A pool of blood


As Frederic just basks in it


He has done it


With ease


Killed the beast 


Now making his way to the prize


Everything known in the world


The centre source 


The heart of translosovia 


Taking a sample of this tree's bark is enough to endure powers


Beyond recognition 


But the juices contained within the tree are vital to the world 


and will show all wisdom


With enough of its chemical compound


You will see all vision


Of the future 


Now Frederic takes a sample taste 




The endurance 


The world


The knowledge 


the all known


It runs through him everything 


He now knows 


Of his best journey 


The gift of all


The secret to all the kingdom


Of Yoirk


It sercomb navigates his soul


Towards a new day


Of glory


Divine power


Knowing of the whole world and it's future 


He is released from his trance 


knowing the truth of all with smile on face he heads of to his next journey 


And walks off back into the forests 


Heading his way to a new magical source of recognition with ease


He is now the most knowledgeable lifeform of them all


Sir knight 


Sir frederic of Clard 


Submitted: September 03, 2022

© Copyright 2023 collectivenrg. All rights reserved.

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looks more like an epic poem than a short story. I like the mixture of genres, and your story is a good example of that.

Sun, September 25th, 2022 5:55pm


This gives off poem-ish vibes, like Diamonheart said - but still - the overall concept is intriguing, especially the descriptive languages! If you have time, do you think you can comment on some of my works, maybe my first apocalyptic story, "THEY ARE UNDEAD"? It's something I wrote which is wayy beyond my comfort zone, and I was hoping for a review. Please do check it out :D

Tue, September 12th, 2023 4:17pm

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