Ravens from Hell

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Ravens have always been some kind of mystic birds. Why is it so? The main character wanted to go to the old part of town as usual...

Ravens from hell



Perhaps I will seem crazy to many after these recordings. I can't help myself and I hope that the Cult will understand me. Of course, I am sure of this - only there they will understand me ...

Today was an ordinary working day, boring and monotonous. I walked tonight in the old town. Everything was as usual - I idolized loneliness. I went down to the square and walked through it very quickly. Nevertheless, during that quick walk in the park, the thought came to me that there used to be a desert on the site of the park. For some reason, I imagined at this place only a desert and nothing else. The sun was shining very hot, it was July - the most hated month for me personally. Perhaps, in the houses opposite the park, someone was born to suffer or died earlier. Gloomy thoughts have come to me lately, especially when I was walking along the central gravel-paved alley of this park.

After passing the square, I ran into an old building. It stood diagonally from the square. I have not seen this building before, but it appeared in front of me today in all its glory.

Very strange…

Has this building been here before?

The building was very beautiful, the red colonnade and semi-oval windows made it stand out even among other buildings of the old city. A bas-relief was depicted under each window, and the handle of the front doors resembled a writhing snake.

I saw in this a reflection of my gloomy essence. I was so glad that I had recently joined the Cult, becoming its loyal follower. I couldn't get enough of this event. For some reason, I remembered this right now, when I was looking at this building. It caused me some kind of connection in my mind with the Cult.

The trees bent down in a gust of wind when I thought about it. They were very beautiful.

I appreciated their beauty just now.

I already thought to go back to the park and look at this building from afar, but what happened next finally broke all my ideas about our existence.

Indeed, over the building, which was decorated in the Gothic style (only now I noticed it), near the extreme red column, crows flew - messengers of death. There were many of them - a whole cloud. Ravens are the only birds that can exist both in this and in the next world. I read this somewhere, considering it a pitiful myth, but now I can observe it with my own eyes, realizing that I am at the same time and not near this building. One look of a raven's eye changed a lot in my mind. My eyes were again fixed on this building with carved bas-reliefs and columns.

A raven, sitting on one of the cornices, dictated words to me, after which I wanted to run. I fulfilled the request of my soul, dashing away from the building, but the lines dictated to me by the raven still cut into my mind forever. I have no right to repeat them. After all, they do not want this…Let me be insane from the point of view of the consumer society, but I understand that the raven spoke to me, spoke wisdom, and I should carefully listen to what he said.

Now I sit at home and write these lines, but I cannot remember these words. But I remember the bas-reliefs of the building. How beautiful. They drew me to them. A commonplace man might say that a raven was just croaking, but I always see much more. I know that from now on my consciousness has completely changed, because, despite the fact that I did not understand the raven, I felt that his words meant life for me.

It seems to me that my home is not the same as usual. Walls, ceiling ... Everything floats ...

My release was an illusion ... I did not run away or go anywhere. The carved bas-reliefs clearly hinted to me that it was all a mirage. Just now I looked - one of the engraved drawings depicted a raven flying out of hell. Why did I not notice him before, why did I only see him now? Perhaps it was an illusion? What was the illusion and what was the truth?

So, I stayed where I was looking at this building.

What happened later shocked my psyche.

The raven is talking to me again. These words are repeated over and over in my brain: LOOK UP. I could not (or cannot) fulfill the raven's command, but my eyes, betraying me, themselves go upstairs, I see the top floor of the building, and then the sky. Rather, what used to be the sky. These strange grooves were holes in hell - of that I was more certain than that I was me. Magma flowed from above, dripping onto this building, near which a huge flock of crows flew, which - I’m even scared to write this - came from one of the endless parts of hell that appeared before my eyes. I so hope that it was all a pitiful, ridiculous, stupid, nightmare, but - alas and ah - everything was the ultimate truth. I saw body parts. Most likely, these bodies were a haven for souls during an absurd earthly life. Nearby I saw the ugly souls themselves. For example, one black rotten soul flew near its own hand. Many parts of the body flew here separately from the body itself, creating a satanic one for the souls, which sometimes sometimes chased after them. A kind of fun, game.

Except the things mentioned the above, during this game I heard the laughter of the souls upstairs. They laughed at me. Among other screams, I clearly heard that it was better to be in hell than in dullness, and the whole street in front of me became faded, gray, except, in fact, this building. It glowed red-orange ...

The crows croaked more and more frantically, demanding that I look up, not looking at anything. I obey them blindly, not daring to contradict.

Someone crawled out of the depths of the underworld. Seven heads that held onto several nasty wings. I've seen it all. Its mouth, one of many mouths, devoured the nearest soul. Its head went into his own mouth ... And this is only a small part of him ... A small part ... I cannot bear it ...


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