“I was shot at, in the woods.”

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A girl and her boyfriend go hiking in the woods, when the home turns into a nightmare in the blink of an eye.

I used to love taking hikes in the woods, it was one of my favorite things to do in the world! Until one man had to go and ruin it for me forever, this is what happened. 
It was a fall afternoon, I believe a Thursday in October. I like to go on long hikes not just for exercise but to get fresh air and to not be stressed out. 
I’m a twenty year old girl and I’m in college and I have a job on the side so in between homework and studying and work I like to go on hikes with the boyfriend. 
Well it was one afternoon mark and I had decided to drive down to a new location that was supposedly abandoned. I know it doesn’t sound like a good idea but at the time we thought “hey something new let’s try it.” Big mistake!  We were walking along the abandoned trail in the woods when we heard a loud “pop” sound go off. 
We figured it may have been an animal or maybe fireworks we really didn’t worry about it as we kept walking. Suddenly we heard the ”pop” again closer. 
My boyfriend froze in complete horror. As I turned to him to ask what was wrong? He looked at me and said “that isn’t fireworks or an animal it’s rifle ammunition. 
Someone is shooting at us. He whispered. Trying to stay calm I turn around right as another loud “pop” could be heard I see a man in the distance all in cameo clothing. He was carrying a rifle and had a mask on. 
He aimed his rifle at me as I hid behind a tree. The “pop” went off again. As my boyfriend told me we needed to run away. I mustered up my courage and and our fight or flight senses hit and we darted out the woods as fast as we could. We could probably out run the flash with how fast we booked it. 
We never looked back but heard several more “pop sounds along the way. We made it to our car where I realized my boyfriend was bleeding in his leg. He had gotten shot in the foot. The adrenaline must have kept him from feeling it at the time and giving him the energy to escape. I drove him to the hospital. 
He made a full recovery my boyfriend is doing well now.  We did call the police and told them what had happened but as far as I’m concerned they never caught the man. 
I’m sure he was long gone by the time they showed up. 
But unfortunately However this traumatic experience has turned me away from doing one of the things I used to love most in the world “hiking.” It’s truly scary how some people can attempt to hurt you without a care in the world.

Submitted: September 08, 2022

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