Medieval Days: Tiny Tales of Mirth and Woe

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Join the world of peasants, merchants, nobility and other medieval folk getting through their day, as their stories unfold in these quick flash fiction tales.

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A Boy at the Pub

A Boy at the Pub The boy was but 13 years of age: all of 13 and nothing else. At least, that was his age when he first went to a pu... Read Chapter

The Smile of a Princess

A day at the castle is not all that it appears.
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The Eel Incident

The eel's return should be enough to teach an important lesson...or not.
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When Doves Fly

A young girl used to keeping pets in a cage is forced to reconsider.
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The Invisible Dragon

It's easy to slay an invisible dragon...but even more heroic is trying to nurse it back to health.
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She was Different

Everyone has a story...especially peasants.
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To Pick a Parchment

A young girl learns a harsh reality that keeps her from her dream to learn to write.
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A Beautiful Burden

A girl who explores abandoned estates longs to feel beautiful...if just for a moment.
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The Girl Under the Rain

Perhaps things could be worse...but what if you still want something better?
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Interesting to be sure. I love medieval setting and my own story has a similar style. Check out "the promise of the sun and moon". Love to hear your input.

Thu, October 13th, 2022 7:33am


Thanks! Sounds like you've got some interesting work to check out--I love medieval settings!

Sat, October 15th, 2022 11:01am

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