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When Doves Fly

"Mother! Mother! Look what I caught!" 

The little girl in her new dress ran with her wooden cage to her mother, holding it up for her to see. Her mother frowned, for her husband had bought the cage from a local woodworker, as their daughter loved little animals she could catch and keep within.

Inside was a beautiful white dove—pure white but for the dirty handprint her daughter had slathered on it while somehow catching the poor creature.

"Oh, that one, my dear," said her mother, "that one needs to be set free now."

"But why?" the girl asked, not too upset, actuallyshe captured many animals and kept them for a time, and her mother never asked her to let one go immediately. As long as the girl cared for it, she could keep it a week or two.

"Because," her mother replied, "doves are a symbol of peace and love. They must fly to spread this joy through the world."

At this, the girl looked a bit befuddled; she did not yet understand what a symbol was or the importance of peace. Yet she understood love and knew her mother spoke with it when talking of the dove.

And with a flip of the cage's latch, she set the dove free to do its goodwill in the world…though she did not understand it quite yet.

Submitted: September 18, 2022

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