Rosemary's start to an early retirement comes to a screeching halt when a vicious storm strands her miles from home. She's lucky enough to come upon a small cabin but soon discovers it's a hideout for a wanted killer! Now trapped inside with him, she must devise a plan to escape before he finds out just how much she knows.

Table of Contents

The Ride Home

*The characters in this book are fictitious. Any resemblance to a person or persons living or dead is strictly coincidental.
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The Cabin

2. The Cabin Rosemary’s head ached from hitting it against the window. She sat nearly suspended, upside down, held only by her seat... Read Chapter

Basic Comforts

3. Basic Comforts  After lighting the wood stove and making a fire, Rosemary got her cup of tea and wrapped herself in an old co... Read Chapter

Who's There?

4. Who’s There?  The wind continued to howl. As Rosemary slept, she was soon awakened by the noise of the front door opening. ... Read Chapter


5. Provisions Once Rosemary cleaned and bandaged Joe’s wounds, she let him stay in the bed, and she took the couch. “Just call me... Read Chapter

An Awful Discovery

6.. An Awful Discovery It was nearing lunch. “Would you like something to eat?” Rosemary asked Joe from the doorway. “Yeah, I c... Read Chapter

Uncertain Suspicions

7. Uncertain Suspicions Joe seemed to believe Rosemary. He leaned his head back against the headboard and grimaced in pain. Rosemary ... Read Chapter

Planning Her Escape

8. Planning Her Escape  Rosemary was so terrified that she couldn’t even sleep. She sat in the living room with the television... Read Chapter


9. Visitors It had been almost three days since Rosemary had wrecked her car. Surely the police would be searching for her by now. Sh... Read Chapter

A Stroke of Luck?

10: A Stroke of Luck?  “Very good,” Joe smiled as he stroked Rosemary’s hair with the muzzle of the gun.  Rosemar... Read Chapter

Think Rosemary, Think!

11. Think Rosemary, Think! Joe had now moved to the living room where he could keep a better eye on Rosemary, which now meant it woul... Read Chapter

The Police Grow Wise

12:  The Police Grow Wise The snow had finally stopped, and the larger drifts were even beginning to melt. Icicles hanging on th... Read Chapter


13. 9-1-1   Joe had polished off nearly half of the bottle of whiskey and was now quite drunk.“Come ‘ere,” he said, p... Read Chapter

The Showdown

14. The Showdown Rosemary, in her quick thinking, picked up the phone. “Hello?” She said.  “Ma’am, are you alright?... Read Chapter

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