Chapter 16: My handwriting.

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None of ten of us children of one father and mother has a marketable handwriting. But, a cause isn't secret. In 1950, who'll be our father in 1964 until 2014, is lucky. He's one of natives who is a school teacher, courtesy of colonial government of Nigeria. He earns income. So much so he'll marry and have children. In schools of the time, need for a teacher to write on blackboard with clear handwriting is top among priorities. Probabily, his handwriting is good. But, it's a time when if you've, you want to yet have. Seeing we're coming to be children with handwriting, he thinks up how he'll be able to add gift of handwriting we'll come with to his. Perhaps, in case we'll not be teachers. In about 1959, while building of his house near completion, he hears country sets to be independent from Britain in 1960. He liases with a welder and welds the four numbers making up year 1960 into two places. A mason helps him put the two in place, side by side of entrance area of house. Page 16.

Submitted: September 23, 2022

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