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Silence falls in the black room,

And the statues on the shelves fell asleep

The moon slowly rises in the sky

Giving every mortal a crown

And the whole world is all a myth.


The pen's ink has long since dried

On the tip of the dry weather plume,

The paper lies moldy in a corner

From which sleep comes creeping like a thief,

And all the books have no point.


I sit alone in the room of my universe

Lying on the hard bed to review it.

The words I wrote before

Now I can't remember

Everything I learned and knew

I belong now to the past.

And all the pictures are silent.


But here's what I see: a moonbeam
Go down slowly to my room,
She brings with her the wonderful,
The divine queen in my heart.
Her wings envelop my body
And the golden hair drives away the darkness,
Shining in the Moon's wave.

Silver-winged fighter, what do you bring?
And she answers: I bring liberation.
I will help you finish your search
So don't let despair dim your light.

And she slowly takes me by the arm,
And smoothly towards the heavens it rises,
And the sky stopped spinning
In the place they are going.


And the torch Moon suddenly disappears
Disappear, but not into oblivion
And from the place where it disappeared
A wonderful city appears.

The millennium stretches before me now
With golden and silver gates
Pink white petals
And the sweet song of the muses
Flood the clear sky.
And tall towers of diamonds
They disappear with the tip in the clouds
While on the golden alleys
Road of the endless treasure
Nightingales sing.


And she's the queen, and it's all hers,
And birdsong, and the line from the book,
And the saints come from afar
Reading about her from a Book
They sit and listen, marveling at each other.

And when the light of the first teachings
crept deep into my mind,
I, the child who first saw you,
I understood what I didn't know before.
That the darkness in which we live,
it's a huge void, it's a big nothingness,
while the light we feel afterwards,
it is life, joy, freedom.

But darkness engulfs the room again,
And the statues again fell asleep,
The moon rises again in the black sky
But the whole world is no longer a myth.

Because that night everything changed:
He banished my madness from the world.
Because Sera then showed me
What joy really is.

Submitted: September 22, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Diamonheart. All rights reserved.


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