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Mr. Linden’s Library


 The countryside sped past. This was it. It was happening. When Natalie’s father first said they were moving to some no-name town in northern Illinois, nobody believed him. I mean, Natalie and her family had lived in the same house in the same neighborhood in the same town all her life. Bayside wasn’t incredibly impressive, but it was much better than whatever Joliet was. 


“Natty, can I have the rest of your juice?” the small sound of her brother’s voice snapped her out of her moping. 


“Sure” she handed over the cup. Vincent was Natalie’s fraternal twin. They looked similar enough that they could pass off as cousins, but not quite enough to pass off as twins. She felt worse about feeling down in the dumps when she thought of his situation. He was quite literally her life. If anything were to happen to Vincent, Natalie was sure she wouldn’t make it. Vincent had an odd case of social anxiety. He didn’t use to, but because of that Natalie had been taking Vincent everywhere with her since the age of 5. Back in Bayside, there were only 2 people that Vincent could be with without family around. His bestfriends, Ender and Thomas. 


“Look at ‘er. Ain’t she a beaut?” Her father was gesturing to the large, shabby, house that was now their residence.


“It looks haunted” Natalie didn’t want to sound bratty or privileged, but someone had to say it. 


“So. Why don’t you guys wanna go run in and pick your new rooms?” Their mom gave them an encouraging smile. Vincent and Natalie looked at each other. Both knew that neither one wanted to go in. Much less run-in. However, this move was hard on their mom. So they stuck their best happy face on and bolted through the door. Vincent had always been faster than Natalie, so he got to the door first. He opened the door and stopped at the doorway. By the time Natalie got up to the house (which was set very far back on their property) Vincent had turned around and had the biggest smile on his face. The inside of the house was the exact opposite of the outside. The inside was clean and modern. It had walnut flooring, with white banisters and marble countertops. The whole house screamed “fancy”. They walked in with awe in their eyes as they went through all the doors. The bathrooms were massive with beautiful white and gray marble countertops and freestanding tubs with a large separate shower. The rooms were grand and homey, with either light blue walls or barely tinged gray. They had large four-post beds with fluffy comforters. Each room also had its bathroom, a couch, and a book corner. When finally they got to the attic Vincent took a deep breath but continued with Natalie.


“Vince, you don’t have to come with me. I’ll go look and tell you what it looks like” 


“ No. The rest of this house has been so impressive, I probably wouldn't have believed you if you told me” Vincent smiled and gently pushed Natalie’s back. He then leaned forward and whispered in her ear 


“But you can go first” Natalie giggled and ran up the stairs 2 at a time. Once they reached the attic they paused. It was huge! The room had a massive 4-post bed, like all the other rooms, but the comforter looked like a Minky blanket. Possibly the biggest one Natalie had ever seen. The bed was in the back of the room in the middle of the wall. Then there was a completely different area, separated by a few couches and loveseats that made a very nice conversational area. As the twins continued to walk around the room, it almost felt like they had entered a movie star's room. With a huge tv, and what looked like massage chairs. Then lead to the closet which was probably as big as the normal rooms, with dozens of shelves for shoes and hanger spots with lighted display areas. The closet then led to the bathroom which had a large white marble tub, with a huge shower with about a thousand jets. There was a massive mirror wall that lit up around the edges to give an Instagram influencer vibe. 


“...I call this one!” both twins shouted at once. 


“Sorry kids, this is your mother’s and I’s. You’ll have to settle for one of the downstairs bedrooms.” Their father smiled as he walked up the stairs. Both twins looked at each other smiling and started giggling as they ran back down the stairs, racing to see who could find their favorite room first. 


“Honey, wake up. Get up, come on. Let's go. You have to…” 


Natalie sighed contently. She and Vincent had never fought before, but over where they were going to live in this dreamhouse… she was almost willing to throw hands. As soon as they had gotten to the area where all the bedrooms were located, each twin raced to a door and threw it open before quickly running into the room, flopping onto the bed, and promptly yelling 

“CLAIMED!” Simultaneously. 

Natalie’s room had light blue walls, a large convex window area, with flowy drapes, and a comfortable window seat. Next to it was the bed, with a water-colored comforter and about a million and a half pillows. It was a bunk bed, but instead of a bed on the bottom, it was a desk. The desk already had everything. With a lamp, notebooks, some paper, markers, pencils, and pens. Next to the bed was the corner, with a large bookshelf, full of all of her favorite books (her parents most likely filled out this room with her in mind) and a large beanbag. Strung all around the room were twinkly fairy lights that glow a soft yellow, giving the room a homey feeling. The floors were dark hardwood, but she had a big rug in the center of the room, making the floors not too cold. The bathroom and closet were the same as everything else in the house. Large, expensive, and impressive. Natalie had just settled down into her beanbag and opened a copy of The Maze Runner as Vincent came barreling into her room, breathing harshly. 

“My room (pant) is so (pant) cool.” Vincent couldn’t speak very well yet, but the point got across to Natalie. 


"Oh yeah? What makes it better than mine?" Natalie challenged. 


 "I have a hidden book room," he said, still with his goofy smile on his face. "Under my bed, there was this weird bookshelf. The measurements didn't add up, and low and behold. There it is! A hidden reading cove behind my shelves and under my bed!" 


"That is dope! I wonder if my room has something like that..." Natalie wondered. Vincent gave her a proud smile and having done what he intended to do, walked back toward the door, left, and closed it. 





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