These are a collection of literary and philosophical thoughts.

Let the year 2022 be a winning streak of success.

Live your dreams with untiring effort.

There’s always a violent mob in a peaceful democracy.

The beginning of writing gave birth to the cradle of civilization.

God is an idea not an image.

Life cannot be lived backwards.

Propel your optimism to the summit of a hill.

I have a longing for financial freedom.

Hatred mars the soul.

I welcome money with the power of positive thinking.

Alchemy is the refinement of the soul.

Alfred Nobel was a dedicated man who loved humanity.

Will is the residue of the habitat of the mind.

Forgive yourself or going wrong.

Making love is music for the soul.

To read books is to have a thirst for knowledge.

Don’t break the ego of confidence.

Carry the cross if you have to follow Jesus.

God who forgave the repentant son will surely forgive you.

I exist not because of luck but only by the grace of God.

There is no discrimination in Heaven.

Life is a mystery to unravel.

Religion and culture are tenets of life’s society.

Travelling to different countries, meeting people, and experiencing cultures are a pilgrimage for me.

Customs are the heart of humanity.

I write my prayers in a journal.

The flight of a bird is a poem in beauty.

Love and joy are experiences of the soul.

The heart is a painting of emotions and feelings.

To find favor with God is a fortunate blessing.

I love my mother country India.

Jung the psychologist was a mystic.

The mirror of emotions is Kafkaesque.

Inner talk is the manner of streams of consciousness.

Freud has misinterpreted the Oedipus complex.

Freud sexualized psychology.

There is a hint of neuroticism in everyone.

True love has no color.

If all of life is luck it would have been nice.

To be in poverty is a worst human condition.

Anticipate the future positively.

Fame, money and success are not idols which can be bought cheap.

Drive your talent to the highest hill.

Console a grieving heart.

The stage of life is a drama of character.

Making love is melodious.

Break the chains of poverty from your life.

Give your soul a boost with positive thoughts.

Life is an art to be experienced.

Christ was the lamb that was slain for the sins of humanity.

Trust is the only chain that can be broken with hurt.

Heaven offers the gift of everlasting life.

I love to whisper in the ears of my beloved that I love you.

I have high aspirations as a writer.

God has been good to me.

The graph is the symbol and the phone the sound in writing.

Ecstasy is the experience of love.

When I am dead don’t place flowers on my grave.

I give into life to carry me with the flow.

The utterance of God is beautiful, sacred and holy.

I hope God multiplies my blessings as he has done to Abraham.

The Devil has been defeated with the blood shed on the cross.

The gaze is a symbol of appropriation.

Dance your body with a workout of perfection.

Existentialism is a philosophy of negativity.

Faith is a free gift given by God.

The Messiah came and the messiah will come again.

Passion is a bird soaring high.

Make dreams your goal.

The bond of friendship has to last forever.

The cross is a tool of sin sanctification.

Put money to work to earn more money.

Life’s pastures have to be grazed with care and affection.

Our thoughts feelings and actions are our best friends.

Yoke yourself with God and he will give your refuge and rest.

The beginning is life and the end the death.

I like to smile at death.

I have no fear of death as God is with me.

Thought is not an ivory tower.

Christ, I give you all honor, glory praise and worship.

The beatitudes are a part of wisdom literature.

Song of Songs is an erotic poem written in praise of God.

Retain conscience in your heart.

Nietzsche went mad by killing God.

Idols aren’t meant to be worshipped.

God will give you the strength to encounter the Goliath in your life.

An emotional mind cannot suffer from a castration complex.

The mansions in Heaven are flowers for the soul.

The philosopher Camus absurdized life where as for me I celebrate life.

Life is the literature of celebration.

Eve by being tempted as a woman became in History the first philosopher.

All sins on earth can be forgiven but not sins against the Holy Spirit.

The Trinity is a paradox of being one and three.

Language is a sign in interpretation.

I wish everyday be a Christmas tree of celebration.

The carnival of life is a fiesta.

The lessons in life come from failure.

Media prevents free thinking.

God is a presence of meaning.

God loved humanity more than he loved his Son.

Derrida killed language by deconstructing it.

Poets are lovers of the soul.

Don’t bastardize individuality.

The scar made by the pen is meaning interpreted.

In my walk of life, I am longing for multiple victories.

Poems have to felt in the heart.

It’s a gift to tolerate dissenting minds.

Hope is an echo that can travel from a mountain.

An active intellect is keen in discernment.

My life is an autobiography of the pen.

Life’s difficulties make one a philosopher.

The Indian independence movement was a revolution of non-violence.

The end of war is the beginning of peace.

Irony is sad laughter.

Arrogance brings disaster.

Democracy is the identity of a nation.

Quixote is a novel of triumphant individuality.

Marx said that religion is the opium of the masses but the real opium is Communism dead.

The Last Supper is a symbolic meal of forecasting death.

Listen to the voice of the inner self.

Meaning is the appropriation of presence.

Signs collapse when they are being deconstructed.

Do not analyze dreams accept the beauty in them.

It’s mania to say that literature has been exhausted.

God does not want luke-warm souls.

I wonder why Shakespeare was anti-Semitic.

Jews are not people with one pound of flesh.

To God be the glory, honor, praise and worship.

Play with your soul and be gentle to it.

God answers prayers in unexpected ways.

Sing songs of praise to God with the harp of David.

Jews are the only race who has endured much suffering.

I want to transcend the novelists, poets and philosophers that I have read.

It is essence that comes before existence and not existence before essence.

My heart has hurt much but still it finds peace with God.



Submitted: September 22, 2022

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