The stars’ revenge for inattention

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Philosophical thoughts about my way

The stars’ revenge for



Doesn’t like me luck

Happiness’s not near

You were just like  drug

With you had no fear

But it’s all in the past

Now I realize

Wasn’t so fast

At night that was last…


Gothic temple stands

But I have no soul

Useless are my prays

Crawl so low

Gods are high in the sky

They don’t care about

Lies in my life…

The last goodbye…


There were the nights

When you were with me

And the stars were  bright

We should just it see

Didn’t look at the stars

Failure was our start

During moon’s lights

And useless fights...


Maybe was a game

Just for you our love

Maybe was insane

Maybe was not right

But remember I still

You have broken our will

Given by stars

That pleasant night…


Don’t hear assist

I in the old town

No  pleasant mist

Am not satisfied

Nobody likes me

I’m alone in the world

I realized

All’s in the past


All is over now

I am just alone

Looking at the stars

Searching for my soul

Maybe that time I died

And illusion is

My awful life…

Asking the stars


But they silent are

I remember you

During icy nights

Thoughts are so gloom

There’s nothing behind

And I say farewell

To my pleasant dreams

They’ve vanished in mist… 

Submitted: September 22, 2022

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