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Qordel, Kiyana, and Zakonu have been close friends for many years, and it has been their strong bond that helped them become three of the most successful young vigilantes in the city. Their alter egos: Shadow Tamer, Tether, and Cheveyo, are feared by the criminal underworld and celebrated as champions of justice by the public. After an impressive victory over a fiendish mage, their potential is recognized by the international band of vigilantes, Watch Guard, leading to a formal request for them to join. Despite it being an honor they are all hesitant to accept, but for very different reasons. Will their friendship survive family legacies and revealed secrets? Or will this team fall apart and become bitter enemies?

Table of Contents

Nocturne Grempyr Scruff

Qordel has been having some real bad memory issues; he sometimes finds himself at one of the city's parks in the middle of the night with no clue how he got there, or why. His friend Kiyana
suspects that the answer is within the mystic world.
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