A boy and a girl are in a toxic relationship. the girl is obsessive over her boyfriend and the boy is not attracted to his girlfriend. but what will happen when the boy gives the girl a list of facial features he wants in a girl?

Once there was a boy and a girl. The boy was eighteen and the girl was seventeen. They had been in a relationship for three years. At the beginning of their relationship things could not have been more perfect. They were in love and had their sights set on getting married. Their future looked bright. Until later in their relationship, it did not look so bright anymore. The relationship became toxic. The girl was obsessed with her boyfriend and the boy was not attracted to his girlfriend. The girl was so obsessed with her boyfriend that she wanted to go with him everywhere, and even stalked him sometimes without him knowing. She even quit her dream of going to medical school just to be with him at law school. They had been at college for months now, and it was almost time for Christmas break. Before they headed home from college, the boy finally told his girlfriend that he was not attracted to her anymore. The girl was crushed and could not believe it. The boy handed her a folded-up piece of paper and walked away. The paper had a list of different facial features that he wanted in a girl. These things were listed on the paper: long, platinum blonde hair, hazel eyes, big lips, and a button nose. The girl was in shock. She had short, dark brown hair, bright blue eyes, smaller lips, and a bigger nose. While at home on Christmas break, being obsessed with her now ex-boyfriend, she decided that she was going to change all her facial features to match the ones on her ex-boyfriend's list. She bleached and dyed her hair platinum blonde, got hair extensions, wore hazel-colored contacts, and got plastic surgery. After Christmas break, at college, she was excited to show off her new looks to her ex-boyfriend. When he saw her, he was in shock. He thought she looked beautiful, but apparently, he had already gotten himself a new girlfriend over the break. A 

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couple weeks later, the girl left the college and went home. She was in a depressive state. She had spent all her time and energy on her boyfriend because of her obsession with him, that she now did not even know what to do without him. She hated the way she looked and did not even want to go to medical school anymore. She felt ashamed of everything she had done to herself, just to try to please the boy she thought loved her. She ended up isolating herself from her friends and family. She was jealous that they all had lives, and she did not even know what life was. She did not know who she was, or what she wanted to do with her life. Her family tried comforting her, but it did not help. The girl did not feel loved and felt like she was a pain to everyone around her. Her family tried taking her to therapy, but she did not let out her feelings at all. She started to have panic attacks and night terrors, which really worried her family. One day, she had a strong thought of killing her ex-boyfriend. She did not know where these thoughts were coming from, but she didn't care. She kept having these thoughts but didn't tell a soul. She started giving in to these thoughts and started planning out how she would do this. A couple weeks had passed, and she told her parents that she wanted to go back to school and lied about how much she loved law school. Her parents were thrilled that she wasn't self-isolating anymore and let her go. She got to her ex-boyfriend's apartment that night. She walked around the building to the boy's bedroom window. The blinds on the window were broken, so it was easy to see through the window. She saw her ex-boyfriend heavily sleeping and thought about her next move. She went around to the front door and got her debit card out. She was able to get the door open with it. She carefully and quietly walked to the boy's bedroom. She slowly crept up on him, took her large knife, and stabbed him in the heart. There, he died. She dragged him out of bed, out the door, and up the stairs, and purposely dropped 

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him down the stairs. She didn't use any effort to hide him, so she hid him behind a bush. With what she was about to do next, it wouldn't matter if anyone found him. She then took the same knife used to kill him and stabbed herself in the heart. 


Submitted: September 25, 2022

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