Hell house

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A usual lonely walk led to unpleasant circumstances...

Tonight, as usual, I went to the old town. I stopped near a house I already knew. The shadows on it swayed peacefully from the wind, which made it seem that they were alive ...

I didn’t want to go anywhere today. I stood rooted to the spot and looked at the mansion. Today my place was right here, I felt it on my skin.

Only here. No options.

Yes, the building was particularly nice today. It seemed that the sculptures of human faces on the semicircular windows looked at me with sadness in their empty eye sockets. The piercing wind blew again and the branches stirred, revealing the entrance to the mansion. Nobody used it for a long time, which is why it was at the last stage of desolation. The wreckage near the large front door - proudly called a staircase in the distant past - now only reminded of those days.

I knew this damn house was over a hundred years old. Once upon a time, many executions and tortures took place here, because of which the walls were saturated with human pain and suffering. Even now, the building looked terrifying.

At some point, I started to fall ...

A view of the center of medieval Paris opened in front of me. I clearly saw the Change Bridge, on which stood two-story wooden buildings. The bridge was about to collapse. It was meant to be. Those walking there were unaware of their death in a moment ... Terribly but I did not feel pity for them ...

Then I saw a beautiful park. The narrow, winding paths were covered with dark cobblestones, and oil lanterns were barely visible in the fog. Probably, I was standing on a certain mountain, because the path went up. A little further from me, in a gray haze, was the landing and the lake.

After a couple of seconds, everything disappeared.

I must have returned to our time. Like two fires, two lanterns shone unbearably brightly into my eyes. Perhaps they were from a past vision. I mentally wished them to go out. To my surprise, the wish came true at that very secondOh, I wish I didn't want that. Let them further blind me, let them haze my eyes. I didn't want to see what happened next ..

Behind the extinguished lanterns appeared something full of vile, indescribable ramifications, bones, skulls and smiling faces torn from them. Many of them screamed, tearing pieces of skin from the rest with their toothless mouths. The half-decayed bones, where these creatures crawled on small paws, were tied with threads to a large thick appendage. With each passing moment it became more and more ... The bones themselves were talking among themselves with devilish mouths, from which a viscous green mucus flowed. A piece of one bone flew in my direction. I felt a dull icy blow on my chest and heard a few separate words: Noraclol, Ankh, Tenebrat Omnia, Tromba Latumba, Ankh ... Ankh ... Ankh ... Dorobat Ankh ... Tenebrat Omnia, Dorobat ... How good that others drowned in groans and screams filling space ... My mind would never be the same.

Some of the bones began to dance in a wild dance that I cannot describe. I saw something that vaguely resembled a huge hand. It also defies description what was on it ... All that I have seen before are pitiful little things, only one finger of a monster ... Just a finger ... It slowly crawled out of its vile lair ... Oh, no ... Dorobat Ankh ... Tenebrat Omnia ... Tenebrat Omnia, Dorobat ... I couldn't see it anymore ...

It's so good that then a merciful unconsciousness came ...

I woke up near the cursed building, naively hoping it was a dream. And the truth is, most likely I just lost consciousness and all this was just a dream to me.

Only in my hand was an icy piece of someone's bone.


Submitted: September 25, 2022

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