Celestial Seas Over, Elephantine Oceans Under

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Poem about the oceans of water and oceans of planets and stars, comparison of celestial and earthly oceans, sheer size of worlds above and below

Travel the depths of undiscovered blackness

Undisclosed worlds, submerged and reclusive

Unknown, unlocated heavens high above the atmospheric sky

From ocean to ocean, cosmic and terrestrial

Mysteries of massive size, mocking your meagerness

Obsession stirs the cauldron of curiosity

Look down, look up

What dreams and desires dare take you away, take your breath away

What hopes you have to hold in your haunting heart

Fly over, sink farther

Take your ship outside and inside

the core and the comets

Endless infinities of everchanging, evolving entities

Earthly and extreme, eerie and ordinary

You ponder in the partaking of the paranormal

Assess the alien waters sunk underfoot

Funny how you can float and flounder, be breathless in both forms of obsolete oxygen

The pressure pounds your person

Threatens to stop your stasis, your status

Choose your method of madness, lose your mind among the crustaceans and celestial, blending bodies

You cannot begin to pursue, ponder the plethora of space and underwater alien and astronomical, seismic sea creatures

Two ominous landless masses, existing of wild life, extraterrestrial in every way imaginable

Unearthly weird wonders and oddities, eons and light years apart

They have been bended and conjoined throughout the constructs of space and time

Travelling to get there, impassable and impossible

Fight the future and forget the past, just know the here and now

Oceans and oceans of sea creatures, stars and superclusters and satellites

You cannot see it

It sees you, in the secret sections of your soul

Leave the earthly and elephantine oceans be

They will be there when you cease

Two worlds created in a collision, coexisting in a kaleidoscope of chaos

Oceans rise, fall, expand and grow

They call you home

Submitted: September 28, 2022

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