Alice of Madness and Magic

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Alice has been raised by the coven and by her older sister Margaret the most powerful magically adept in over a hundred years. As per the contract between the once warring factions on Alice's 18th birthday she is to be betrothed to the Count an evil sadistic King of the Warlocks bent on uniting the magically adept under his one rule.

Alice uncovers a dark secret about her future husband and manages to escape back to the coven. No where to hide from the Counts forces Alice using her families pendant opens a portal to the mythical land called the Norvus a realm controlled by The Red Queen, Goddess of the Coven. Alice makes an unlikely companion as the two traverse the dangers of the wonderous Norvus.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Alice could still hear Shadows voice. The soft tone, like a whisper of wind passing through the trees in autumn, and her words echoing to... Read Chapter

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