The Nigeria Police Neighborhood Watch,Plateau State Command.
Is a well organised group that deals with crime preventing unit intaligent unit, suvilance unit,operation unit,patrol & guard unit, and etc and community policing.

In Neighborhood Watch all officer's are expected to know the constitution that guard all activities which it been in the society and neighbouring environment.
Every member of neighborhood watch are to work at their community to resolved peace. And we have some unit that lead to the success of Neighborhood Watch crime watch.

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Neighbourhood Watch, Bokkos Division

In Bokkos LGA, security has been for every citizen business, but the community of Bokkos LGA, is facing some security treat. The unknown gunman an criminal have taking the joy of the people of the
LGA. When will the situation get at hand, while the police and soldiers tried hard to build peace, but noting was solved. THE SOLUTION TO BRING PEACE IS? BUILDING THE NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH. Yes that's
the key solution is to build a best community crime watch that are indegine from it neighborhood environment. In Bokkos LGA, crime watch has been the main aim to the people of the Local government.
their is a community crisis in some vilages of Bokkos LGA, and the Nigeria Police Neighborhood Watch, Plateau state Command Bokkos Division, they have don their best in protecting life and
properties and defend their community,in the area that has been attack by fulani hearder, in Mangur,Kwatas,Mabel,Tardin. Neighborhood Watch Bokkos Division, are the best Crime Watch in Plateau
State, best on their achievement.
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Crime Watch,Bokkos LGA

In neighborhood Watch, we have some strong unit and their function and some goals that has already been achieved in crime preventing. 1: OPERATION UNIT. 2: INTERLIGENT UNIT. 3: SURVILANCE UNIT. 4:

In Bokkos LGA, The commander general of NHW, Mr Nyams Victor Cornelius, has don enough for maintaining peace in Bokkos. The Operation Commander NHW Bokkos, Mr Ukpeseraye Okiemute. Has don enough in
good operating, quick respond and fast operating, which lead to the building of standard crime watch in the community. SUVILANCE UNIT. Neighborhood watch are crime preventing unit of Police that
lead to the success of security issues in the various community. Their staffs are in every where, any place, and all time respond, which means it has the capability to solved peace all time.
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Insecurity with Selfed Security

Insecurity with Selfed Security. Is a process where by the government and the community are not selved and the rate of crimes is increasing.

SELF SECURITY, is they process where by every citizen mantaint the law of the community and protect his/her environment with Neghborhood Watch, without the help of the government. They Insecurity
in Bokkos LGA, is mainly caused by the youth of the community and the leadership of the rural traditional leader, by not protecting and selfguarding their community with good law of human character
and uncross check the new imigrants in their community. This are some mainly keys of insecurity in Bokkos LGA. NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH Bokkos Division, are pramilitary group that is own by the Nigeria
Police, and it is the best Crime Watch that deals with economic and domestic violienced in it community.
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