The new dr

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This is good, but unfinshed I was so proud, I had to post

((Some planet))


The Dr is seen to exple, a trace of, residual, evil




A form of trace


That leaves evil,


Alongside him is companion someone


Its a state of the evil, it can no longer continue


In my upheld 




No one


No one




Then the hope in the tardis, 


And set there distions to track this kept small specimen a small dot,


It takes the. To earth Japan




So, the Dr, talks


Like uslayy as, they threaten his life,


He says,


If I where you I would think before evil suture your time. To offending killing a 


Tibe, of Ra 


For I am your superior




So They take him to the head boss






So, Dr


I know who you are time of Ra


I even know what, you carry


Ninjas Take his sonic screwdriver 


Now you are powerless


The Dr, looks worried 


And I taken to see,


A fight to the death


Where half way through, there is an earthquake


And, the Dr make his exit,


And now they get to, a door with a pad lock

Companion say I know and cracks the the code by using hear hearing 


These people are powerful and most of dangerous and know, of time dilations


Sending packages through time I saw our Mr head high, Ow might thinks his God pass,


A message back, To the point of when we meet just a message that read


I have him, and soon all his secrets will be mine 


Including his name




So, this door way then, preys and says this has worked it happened to me before and just turns the knob


And The door shall open






But more ninjas


And then a cut out to the boss




The Dr, sits, and thinks, as he k its there is no escape from this fortresses of evil 




As then, he gets picked up along with companion 




So now, they are seen at tye request ment of evil



And it's made, by extracting the tears of weeping angels



While soltarains are slaves doing the posses who are seen dispersing after being g touched 


And more stations, being cloned 




Now Dr, it is time to give know all your secrets




As they Go ro poor, this liquid of evil on his kneck




So then he is now evil, and then, kills, his companion 







Now, the Dr is seen evil,

But the tadis has a ssmple of the liquid back on board




It's is evaluating the process and disapers 




Then as the, Compton is being burnt in, sacrificial style of old


The Dr raises his head 




Then, all the universe begins to move quick and change as in a time lapse 




Even the past


Has changes by seeing old episode fade out




And the Dr evil face




But then we see touchwood escape this by notice of change 




Captain Jack


Kisses everyone 




Then does, a scan and says


Well fudge me our Dr in trouble big trouble 


Very very very big trouble


Nad he is


As he gets in a state of shock this can't be




It's a new, world,


 a new Dr 






The whole world begins to shift again




As we see the watch all ninjas burn




Now planet after planet is going boom boom Boom




As the tardis, after traveling for a gospel and a half 


Has done its diagnosis 


And everything about it is sent ro tourchwood 



Yes hahahahah




And then getting close to the Dr going to be the hard part




They don't and fail losing some life by tye drs hands




But then the only way, to survive the Dr wrath is to reform time


A secret panel apears




And face of boe appears


And awakes 


Hello, son







The Dr spins his head towards the screen 








It is time thank God I didn't tell the Dr, or he would know of the way to destroy everything we hold dear




I only did this, for I am, greedy, and when I die, I would not, and reverts my body back into you Jack


Why do you think you stand out as the strangest human to ever live




I've been in you several thousand times




Planning in the background our discoverance


 Everything manipulating time to be me, and then the face of boe turns into Jack 


I was always you



2 jacks form as one




The tardis starts to make noise, as they enter


And there is on the astronavigation 


A spaceship of cord, heading there way


A light speed 


As the Dr is seen in it




And then it disappears 




As the world beigins to fades




And the only thing that's in existance is torch wood, the tardis and the Dr




Wear did he go








As he kills another




The tardis goes boom, boom boom, but noting happens truing to destroy its self




Then the Dr takes hold




But it doesn't work And it's a trap




And 2 jacks pop put of know where and you thought you knew Everything 




Well we'll we'll, if it isn't Mr I would do anything in the world






What you gonna do you would kill the Dr no the only thing hornarble


Revert time get rid of the plague of evil and even areas your mind


I know I lose all, knowledge of time, but it's good to be captain  Jack, hartiniss 


Everything wipes out, and the Jack dispaers and the Dr is seen reverting through all his stages of life


And turns Into his original balck and white form 


But, puts a smile on his face and remembers Everything 


As the evil dot, diapers 


And the tardis looks like normal again




The next episode, the Dr says


Well it's just looks a little too, present!


And starts to glow and turns back into David tenant


Amd brads his severed hand out of

F the tafis who has all its stuff, still for its is time and relative dimension in space






And then after saving g the entire past in seasons or season 


It's was Japan Ninjas revealing all secrets


So none of your futre episode will be harmed

Submitted: October 02, 2022

© Copyright 2022 collectivenrg. All rights reserved.

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