The Uprising of Sila'a

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Follow Katashi as she stumbles around... Between missions, her life and her daily struggle to stay mentally stable, embark on a wild journey in the darker side of Iga...

Will Silaa's unrest be quelled ? Or will our hero find themselves in another never ending war ?

Table of Contents

Prologue : The Mission to Silaa

 Darkness encompassed the city in a flash, from a warm sunny day to night taking its hold on the empty streets. The lampposts had no... Read Chapter

Chapter One : The arrival in Silaa

The streets of Sila'a were quiet as dawn had yet to come. The alleys were colorful, and the shops were slowly getting ready to open. Kata... Read Chapter

Chapter Two : Dreamscape

She mumbled : "-Who are you? -I'm the end, the dark, the cold. I'm the pain, the disease, the war. I'm the bad, the wicked, the wrong... Read Chapter

Chapter Three : Under the moon

It wouldn't help if she kept churning the past and staying oblivious to her mission. She would be dutiful to the death, the cold embrace ... Read Chapter

Chapter Four : memories and punishments

AN : I know that you think Shadow's being cruel, and I agree but I direct you to my book On The Other Side, Book 1 Emy, to read more of her back story ^^ She had it very bad, that's why she seems
overly cruel ^^ On a side note if you feel like someone is behaving like Shadow is towards you, I would advise you to take a step back from the situation and go to, I know it can be scary but know you are not alone and that what's happening to you is not normal. Have a nice day
Read Chapter

Chapter Five: On the way back

She started doing a few breathing exercises. No sense in panicking now, she needed her entire concentration on what she was about to do. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven: Memories and nightmares

She woke up in a cell-like room, she looked around trying to remember how she ended up in such a place, as she tried getting up, she noti... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight: Not jumping

She envisioned eternal damnation as a replay of her school years, the never-ending hours of lonely painful existence, the stares once the... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine: Walking straight into a trap

She smiles in her sleep as she was finally knowing and understanding which had I had meant all those years ago. Shadow has known Katashi ... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten: The white room

Their banter head turns less than friendly. And Katashi knew she was going to see the harder and stricter leader, and it wasn't going to ... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven: A little lesson

She slowly stroked katashi's hair and said: " here, little girl. Here... Everything is going to be alright. You're going to calm down a... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve: The first "Lesson" from Hogo-sama

Katashi hadn't felt herself drop nor sleep. She hadn't felt her mind sleep. Haven't felt her body be repositioned in her head being laid ... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen: The hair and the reveal

"So what about your hair?" Shadow asked, somehow coming down and already sitting back up resting against the white wall. "My hair, what... Read Chapter

Chapter Fourteen: you get used to it

  They didn't remember when they fell asleep and when their conversation had switched to silence that shared everything needed. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Fifthteen: The Birthday

The delicious food was easily eaten once her fear had been eased that this wasn't another of those stupid tests she had to do every so of... Read Chapter

Chapter Sixteen: The Doubts

The office had been turned into a full-on war room and experts from around the village and the surrounding towns had been brought up to d... Read Chapter

Chapter Seventeen: Waking up

She looked up from her place on the slaver stand, her temporary companions looked as broken as she was. They had all been from different ... Read Chapter