The Funeral of Desperation

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My verse about the eternal thoughts, about the will to live...

My day-to-day destroying routine

I live in these depression and sin

Today I got too tired of this

My life is full with terrible mist


I cannot here stand anymore

I wish I could reopen the door

To visit marvelous, gorgeous places

To get to know some beautiful faces


This boring stuff is handing on me

That beautiful world that I don’t see

I wish I were right now up there

My dreams, my goals are flying somewhere


And in this life I’m just nowhere

Right now I have to be well-prepared

For sorrow, for crashing, for living in shadows

I lost right now my dearest saddle


All dreams are over. I have to survive

Was going to lead a wonderful life...

For sur? it never won’t be real

When I separated with you, with my dear


I can’t, of course, accept all it now

And how to leave my dream? Tell me how

The wood is burning several sorrows

To me the fire from Asgard is borrowed


God Odin comes to this wicked world

All souls – he says - are already sold

You must be strong, brave and courage

Flip over soon this terrible page


And now it gives me power and strength

Which are much more important than wealth

I see right now some trees and the sun

My way is on… I’m going to run!


I am to move throw ups and throw downs

I was proposed to wear false crowns

But got to know what it’s all about

I fell right now I really got out


Somehow I did it. Really I managed

To overcome this misery’s damage

Without vengeance, brightness and sadness

I watched the beauty of these rainy paddles

Submitted: October 05, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Dissimulé1993. All rights reserved.

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