Somethings you just cannot sell...

Memories for Sale


The old pawnbroker gazed over his glasses

as I slowly walked through the door.

His eyes held no question
at my hesitation,

you could tell he had seen it before.

"How much could you give?"
as I reached in my pocket,

and pulled out an old diamond ring.

The diamonds just glistened

while he carefully listened
when I asked him
how much it would bring.
The old ring belonged in my family for years,

my mothers mother on down,
my mom's last request,

fore they laid her to rest
was to me this old ring be endowed.

But as you can see, I'm into hard times

and now I must let it go.
So save your advice,

and name me a price,

regrets come later I know.


The old pawnbroker slowly raised his head.

He knew my position quite well.
"The ring you must keep,

but come back next week,
that is, if you still want to sell."
The old man watched as I walked away.

He knew I would never return.
The old diamond ring was a precious thing.

He knew with time I would learn.

How much for a memory? Look it over and tell.

There are things that hearts hold

where your history is told,

and those things
you just cannot sell.

Submitted: October 06, 2022

© Copyright 2023 SannaBlue Baker. All rights reserved.

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