Dondi Mahon is a pathological liar. Nearly every word that spills from her mouth is a half-truth drowning in a sea of lies. So, when she witnesses a crime and tries to report it, finding someone to believe her becomes nearly impossible.

Table of Contents

Pseudologia Fantastica

*The names, places, and characters in this book are fictitious. Any resemblance to any person or persons, living or dead, is strictly coincidental.
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The Lunchroom Fib

Chapter 2: The Lunchroom Fib  It was lunchtime in Mrs. Gardetto’s third grade class. The bell rang and hungry children scurrie... Read Chapter

Art Class

  3: Art Class The art class at Roma High School was number one in the county for its excellent Arts and Science departments... Read Chapter

An Interesting Case

4: An Interesting Case Dr. Gallum considered Dondi’s case to be a unique one. He had never encountered a patient with this illness ... Read Chapter

Work History

5. Work History Dondi had worked a variety of positions since she was around sixteen, but for some reason, they always seemed to end ... Read Chapter

The Termination

6: The Termination   At one point in her long list of ‘would-be’ careers, Dondi had secured a position at Bowie’s, a f... Read Chapter

The Roach

7: The Roach Ringg Ringg, the next morning Dondi’s phone began to go off. She stretched and glanced at the clock. It was nearly 8:3... Read Chapter

The New Job

8: The New Job   In the following weeks, Dondi interviewed for several jobs. Luckily, there were quite a few out there. She ... Read Chapter

The Scariest Story

 9. The Scariest Story Dondi had been at the new job for a little over four weeks. She had tried to buddy up to Rikki, but Rikki... Read Chapter

'Fudging' the Numbers

One morning, Dondi was in the warehouse counting the merchandise which had come in on the morning truck. She noticed the count was off on... Read Chapter

A Crime in the Making

11. A Crime in the Making When Dondi returned to the warehouse, she noticed a few guys standing around a van. They were whispering an... Read Chapter


That evening Dondi couldn’t wait to jump onto her IMEMINE account. “Man, you’re not gonna believe what happened today! THESE GUYS T... Read Chapter

More Trouble for Dondi

13. More Trouble for Dondi As if things weren’t bad enough, Dondi arrived at work the next morning to a note taped to her computer ... Read Chapter

Getting Even

Chapter 14. Getting Even  It was finally Friday and Dondi was happy to see such an awful week come to an end. She dropped her ba... Read Chapter


Chapter 15. Targeted As the weekend approached, Dondi spent most of her time on her IMEMINE account trying to defend her posts and ph... Read Chapter

The Launch Party

Chapter 16. The Launch Party Another weary week had come and gone and at last, the big event had arrived. Dondi’s job wa... Read Chapter


Chapter 17: Hypnotized  When Dondi opened her eyes, she was back in Dr. Gallum’s office. Had she been asleep this whole time? ... Read Chapter

Swan Song

  Chapter 18. Swan Song Dondi drove home in a daze. How did things get so out of control? All she ever wanted was friends; t... Read Chapter

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