It’s not the same as you thought it’d be, is it?

Welcoming embraces soon turn volatile,

when Grandpa’s dementia gets dropped in; 

like the bomb he’s convinced killed his Father.


You expect your calls to be answered 

but forget that the world keeps spinning; 

and that sometimes the awkward buzz of a phone

is just another bother in this busy space outside your own.


The town has started to show its cracks; 

grains of sand like coke in club corners,

Endless and sickening if consumed -

you’ll soon find it stuck between your teeth and toes. 


The mirror is a place of bewilderment now, 

how could these dark circles have appeared so quickly?

The stranger before you has no answer

You open your mouth to speak but only dust comes out.


Submitted: October 10, 2022

© Copyright 2023 ez458. All rights reserved.

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