Thoughts on Stories.Your life is one of the best stories you will ever live.

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My thoughts on stories and life.

There’s a “splat!” as a rain droplet hits the soil. There’s the smell of fresh ink as the first ink bleeds into a page. The sound of a brush making contact with a canvas.

There’s the signature click sound of a picture being taken. The first word of a song. A drop of blood hits the ground and the scent of iron mixes with an earthly smell. The first page of a book turns.

Thís is the beginning of things, of life.

A rainbow. A story. A poem. A piece of art. A breathtaking picture. A magical song. The smell of antiseptics in a hospital as a life is saved. A book closed and a life changed.

Thís is the end of things, the end of life.

Before all of this… however… there’s the beginning of a story. A story that is the true start and end of everything.

Everything has, is, or tells a story.

We as humans are all breathtakingly unique stories.

At the core of our beings we are and always will be listeners, storytellers, or both.

It’s the crackle of a fire and the loud sound of joyous laughter as the years and faces change. A story passed down through generations.

Pictures on rocks and names carved into trees. Stories with missing details. Stories we decide the details of.

Thís is the true start of mysteries.

The moon and the sun. Day and night. Warmth, light, and laughter that comes from having fun. Quiet,still, and twinkling stars. A ball of orange and a ball of white.

Thís is the true start of love.

The earthly smell of soil, the smell of water hitting the ground, and the unexpected touch of cold water droplets suddenly softly and slowly landing on you while you are watering your garden.

Thís is where growth starts.

A kid hiding and another seeking. The cheerful laughter of kids playing without fearing the future, wishing those moments would never end.

Thís is where the adventure starts.

Breathtaking thoughts, beautiful imagery, the smell of roses, sunflowers, and the pouring rain. People performing magic on a stage as they speak and weave magical, colorful, and glowing pictures from their words.

Thís is how poetry starts.

The blooming of the first spring flowers (white and pink) that smell like the thought of strawberries and cream. The first scream into the world as a baby is born. Feeling like the sky is within reach as you swing higher than ever before. The fall of autumn leaves, as a chilly wind blows through the city. The smell of fresh coffee and the warmth of the afternoon sun in the backseat of a car, rendering you a good kind of sleepy.

Thís is family.

Singing loud and out of tune in the afternoon sun on the roof of a building. Jumping into the pool in the late afternoons. Pillow fights and the smooth soft feeling of ice cream melting in your mouth. The tickle of grass underneath your bare feet as you dance a dance only you know. The feeling of happiness as you have picnics. The smell of hot chocolate as the chilly wind bites. Jokes and dancing it out.

Thís is friendship.

Living and breathing every single day of your life. Enjoying life and loving the world as it is with all its flaws and cracks. That’s what makes it unique after all. Life, death, and even beyond death.

Thís is how stories start. Thís is stories.

You are a story.

Live softly, freely, and uniquely. Love your life and enjoy your journey. Thís is your story. Sing that song and go on an adventure. Everything has, is, or tells a story. Your life is one of the most emotional stories about growth you will ever live. Thís is your story. Live bravely for this is how you tell your story: day by day, step by step. Breathe and love your life.

By: M.S.Wepener

Submitted: October 15, 2022

© Copyright 2022 M.S.Wepener 20. All rights reserved.

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Very thought provoking article

Very thought provoking article
It seems we, in all our diversities constantly seek out Unity. Because in a very real sense we are loneliness encapsulated in a mind/body separated from everyone else. Which begs the question {at least to me}...are the Borg happy and fulfilled? Is the loss of individuality too high a price to pay for ending that loneliness? Is uniqueness that valuable?

Sat, October 15th, 2022 5:15pm

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