A girl finds herself from a world without people or much anything in fact. As she tries to find the way home she realizes she might not be the only one there..

Table of Contents

Prologue: Little Red

The streetlights flicker, showing and hiding the world from view. A lone figure is running through the streets. The Moon lights up t... Read Chapter

Chapter 1: The Grey School

The darkened halls of the building casted shadows everywhere, giving the whole place an eerie vibe. The boy and the girl looked at e... Read Chapter

Chapter 2: The Golden Girl

While E walked towards the playground, she noticed something. She couldn't hear anything, no birds singing, no animals, or people, e... Read Chapter

Chapter 3: The Red Door

E hurried back to the school to ask B whether he was alright, but when she arrived he was no where to be found. E decided to try and... Read Chapter

Chapter 4: The Black River

When E's attempt at finding B had failed, she decided to go tell H what she had found instead. As well as about what she saw chasing... Read Chapter

Chapter 5: The Black Creatures

Hurrying back to school with H was the utmost priority. E felt as if something had changed about the place once more. Something impo... Read Chapter

Chapter 6: The Girl So Blue

It was like from a dream, the entire playground was surrounded by bright colors. The lively colors of green and brown covered the tr... Read Chapter

Chapter 7: The Color Green

A figure was running through the halls of the building, a loud roaring could be heard right behind them. They were panting heavily, ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8: Grey Memories

As they left the building E couldn't help but feel concerned. Something hadn't felt right about I nor L. She didn't know at the time... Read Chapter

Chapter 9: White Thoughts

E had a bad feeling. Not just normal passing one, but a big time bad one. She had felt something off about L and I, and she had had ... Read Chapter

Chapter 10: Red Like Phoenix

I stood at the roof of the building holding onto the fence. They looked down on the ground, they could hear the being slamming and r... Read Chapter

Chapter 11: The Boy In Black

B stood in front of E and I. His presence was menacing, yet he was smiling. He took a step forward, and the bird looking shadow behi... Read Chapter

Chapter 12: Heart of Red

The five figures hid away in the school, the shadows were waiting outside, ready to attack. They weren't sure whether they'd break i... Read Chapter

Epilogue: After Red

Emma woke up in her own room. She scanned the room with her green and red eye, as they landed on her old photo which was picturing B... Read Chapter

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