Two Sparks Of Beauty

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In the beginning, Our creators set out to produce a team that will influence every form of life wherever they travel. The love in this connection is powerful, gentle and divine.

The Sun and Moon accompanied our Mother Earth on a goal to gift the universe two precious blessings, that will continuously transmute the chaotic flow of energy of life into beauty. The idea was amazing, and because of that many stars from across the galaxy added a bit of their greatness to such a creation. By next April and May, those two blessings were born. The course of our paths no matter the distance, time or dimension would always lead us to rediscover each other again and again each lifecycle.

A beautiful chain of events occurred before crossing paths with her, as they were guides from the universe to continue to follow my heart towards the blessing of her presence. During the course of a week I witnessed many white butterflies signifying that a blessing is underway. My heart already pumping love through my veins, increased significantly. Two shooting stars swam across the sky gracefully as I moon gazed. The dreams of a beautiful figure in the distance became more clear with each night that passed. Finally, we found each other by the end of that week.

There she stood, a beaming light of sunshine. Until this day, and I'm sure even in each lifetime to come I know for certain she is the most beautiful divine feminine I've encountered. Her voice healing my spirit as our conversations were inspiring me to stay in tune with myself, and the universe around us. Her hugs sending me to higher levels of heartwarming realms surrounding us with love. Her spirit is a mirror, showing me the truth in our creation so beautiful, so pure, so full of amazement. She is the blessing.

As we traveled around the world fulfilling our own soul missions granted by the creators. One thing for certain is that we still remained strongly connected, as the filling in our spirits would notify us when the other was thinking about the other. As we meet others on our journeys, we notice the spark of positivity that heavily impacted their lives as it just comes naturally. The love for her is endless and powerful, she is my Twin Flame.

Submitted: October 17, 2022

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