The pain of a Midgard Creature

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The philosophical verse about my way

Paradise comes to mind. I’m frightened

Sadness gnaws at soul for piece

There was time when life was so brighten

Now only resting in mist


All the pain and hardships forgotten

And with them very glorious rise  

Nowadays everything's so rotten

But my crawling up was so bright


Nowadays of me autumn takes care

As imagined  pre-morning dream

But the smell of my flying forever

Lost in fire of everyday being  


And the lake's splashing waves are here helpless

Don't care about the place

Hellish flock’s near it. Pretty reckless

Hell herself calls to follow the trace


What's the matter? Why do I feel pain?

Crowd's roar humbly replied  

You prohibit to have own gains

Like the plants you adore the light


My life was really harsh for forever

What can now do with it?  Do tell me

With my soul I was free together  

Striving up for some knowledge and risk


Go up! You just have to believe me

Held the fist. From the palms could see blood

Let three times I’ll be unforgiven

In the crowd, who me doesn't like


Why? Why? Answer! But no responding

The dead  silence from heaven pressed hard

In the dream, that I had forgotten

I was happy. But it was the past…


I am climbing up to constellations  

And below me crowd neglects

If it could, it would suffocate me

No abilities . No command


Reached the roof I. My soul wants higher

Here the body can't climb any more

And deny I the pleasant desire

Body stays. Soul leaves it. Too low


There my soul reaches the full moon

But the body flies down to stay

It falls lower to cemetery near

Calmly it would lie in own grave...



















Submitted: October 21, 2022

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