A Sad Day

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What was once a place of happiness and enthusiasm has got a new set of rules where happiness is now against the rules. Will Aurelia rebel or comply with the new regime?

Aurelia walked into Alpha Art Studios on what she assumed was another normal day. She first saw Kay who appeared very sad and subdued and not her usual, cheery self.

"If you're wondering why I look so sad it's because we have a new rule here. Nobody is allowed to be happy. If you show any signs of happiness there will be consequences", Kay said to Aurelia.

Kay walked into the office and Aurelia walked into the studio. Nobody looked at her. Aurelia took her usual seat next to Muriel. Ashton, Edith, Angela, and Chloe also looked miserable. The tutor Hillary walked up to Aurelia.

"Draw anything as long as it's sad", Hillary told Aurelia in a subdued voice.

Aurelia proceeded to draw a pencil drawing of a woman sitting crying in a corner. The room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Clive and his son Alan walked into the room looking so stern that Aurelia sank further into her seat. They silently stood there watching everybody like hawks looking out for the smilest smile or laugh. Aurelia continued with the sad-themed drawings. At twelve noon everybody got up in silence and went for lunch. Wallace arrived and sat at the table. The only sounds heard were people eating. After lunch, Karen arrived with Senga. Aurelia couldn't stand the sad atmosphere any longer and decided to draw a parrot with lots of colours. Alan spotted it and came over.

"What do you think you're doing? You're free to draw like this at home but here it's not allowed!" Alan yelled.

Aurelia cried when Alan took the picture and threw it in the bin. Alan put a piece of lined paper in front of Aurelia.

"You will write fifty times 'I will not be happy here.' Make sure to number the lines. Break the rules again and it'll be another fifty", Alan said and sat next to Clive.

Aurelia got to the grueling task of writing the fifty lines. It was so boring she fell asleep.

"Wakey, wakey!" Clive shouted in Aurelia's ear.

Aurelia almost jumped through the ceiling and continued writing counting down the minutes until she could go home. 

Submitted: October 24, 2022

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