The Shadow Of The Arrows

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Niles, the son of King Alexander on the made-up continent of Efforos, is the subject of the first book in my fictional series Ambition Of Men. he After Alexander's conquest of the country has end, the book begins.
After his father dies, we follow Niles as he ascends to the throne and, at the end, we watch him understand there is more land in this planet and rediscover his knowledge of his ancestry.

Table of Contents

Chapter I:The troubles of a big shadow

King Alexander III just took over the land, the first rule of its king, no one in history has united the land by force under one banner, but the waters are not still, some of the new generation of
lords are not having a ruler by force CY II, Orrin, Adila and Ulf these four make the rule of Alexander the most difficult. Alexander is sick he has cancer, down south and far north new threats
appear, Nehira and Al-Razi II.

Nehira is reuniting her brothers, and she does that, not long after she unties them she kills all of them, she tricked all of them, just so she can eliminate all threats to her rule, then she
blames Alexander for their deaths.

Al-Razi made a deal with the Arrows which gave him more independence and yet he was still under the rule of the Arrows, hell breaks when Niles is stabbed by the rebellious group (Cy II, Orrin,
Adila, Ulf) his body was unfounded, which ended with the death of Alexander, the news was too much for him, he had a heart attack and died. Placing Belen in the throne and declaring the start of
the betrayal war.
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Chapter II: The trip for whats lost.

Bells were ringing throughout Efforos, a funeral was planned, and all of the nobles in the land were invited. However, nobody showed up, not even their ally Ulf. This marked the start of the
betrayal wars, in which all the pledges were rendered meaningless and vanished into thin air as if they had never been made.

But three men where not found, Zeo, Zendard and Sir Leo have been traveling trying to find and bring back Niles, the lost prince, they find home but cant go home, why? and how will they return?
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