The Castle Containing Halloween Horror

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The day before Halloween and a man will witness his lover being buried in the garden of The Castle. Once Halloween comes, The Castle will contain all sorts of Halloween Horror...


The day before Halloween, and the death of a life is being buried into the cold unwelcome earth, where worms will feed on the feast of a dead human body. A man is standing in tears, as they leave his face like rain, dropping onto the ground of nothingness. The woman he loved finding the bed of the earth, with no room for his touch anymore. She is being buried in the garden of where they live. A castle is now a lonely place where he will live by himself, where thunder and lightning will become dictators in the sky. The sun is slowly leaving because it is afraid of this time of year. The last time he will see her face, her eyes will be closed, their love now buried in a coffin, lying dead in a death bed.

As people leave the burial like zombies going to a sleepover, the man will keep staring at earth that is unholy. Flowers have been laid where she is buried, but like a fruit that will rot without the colour of summer, the flowers will die without water, in the season of where death is mandatory. The skies are grey and depressed as people who will hold razorblades. The wind cannot haunt like a ghost because it is dead. Leaves lay on the ground dying, in colours that are crying. There are several gravestones under the earth of where this castle is, and like dominoes, they were once people who lived and fell down.

Continuing to stare where his lover is now buried, his tears are pouring like water, but they miss the flowers. Several crows will fly around like they are grim reapers looking for souls to take. The sun has long died because it is a cancer itself and a sickly yellow. Once it disappeared into the grey depressing skies it turned to ash. Kneeling down by her gravestone, he will put his hand on part of it, pretending that he is holding her hand. The truth is that all he is holding is cold stone, and it feels like death scaring the skeleton of his bones.

The imagery of a castle built is like putting a jigsaw together, yet it just stays like that castle, something that can be built and destroyed. Looking to the skies which are still as grey as a person who is depressed, waiting to bleed so that blood can change the colour of life. The highest building in this gothic land, higher than castles built with sand. Walking inside the castle, the living room chambers is an invention of classic hammer; his friends would be Dracula and Frankenstein. He is watching videotapes of his loved one who died yesterday, but on film she lives forever. Seeing memories of her smile, he begins to cry like a tree containing rain. He still loves her but misses her loss. His heart is nearly dead because she is gone, yet the lightning strike that hit his heart refused to give her life. His heart is not alive like a monster; it is as dead as one inside a wooden puppet. Watching the tape reconstruct her smile, he couldn’t build emotion the length of a mile.

Like a werewolf rising on a full moon she will come alive in the video, placing her hands and face on the spider web of the screen where she is crawling slowly. She begins to knock on the tv screen from the inside, knocking on his front door and failing to hide. Knocking like a stranger who is too old to receive candy on the day of Halloween. The moon of his eyes are moody and frozen, frozen in fear when the body of sunrise is dead in a cemetery. She keeps knocking on the inside of the tv like a heart beating inside the metal body of a robot. Her stare is like Medusa, and it has turned his fear into stone. She is making his skin feel like an unwrapped present; he is the mummification of fear. Her knocking will smash the tv window, and she will slowly crawl through the broken screen resurrected by a crow. She will crawl up his body like a snake finding a mouse, a venomous love letter in a gothic house.

Feeling more alive than a failed science experiment, she is crawling up his skin like a spider, and the web of his fear is sprayed into her eyes. She does not look like a zombie or a vampire that has been resurrected from an unholy cemetery. The stars outside are hiding behind the moon because if they are the life of a human, then the life of a monster must be a meteor that can destroy a planet. The land outside the castle is covered in darkness and the shadows of dead people walk like ghosts that are unfriendly. Her face reaches his and her mouth is open like a shark, ready to kill a human on land, and not in the water.

Later in the day she is motionless watching a tv that has been resurrected, seeing memories of him on the videotape looking free. After a moment he comes alive and is banging on the inside of the screen, knocking on her front door waiting to be seen. She keeps smiling, the Joker telling stories about how he got his. Behind him in the memories of the day that the tape is showing, she appears behind him a vampire that is from a silent film. Grabbing him from behind, his screams are a hostage of silence. Dragging him slowly down below, the first offscreen kill. Dragging him below so that they disappear from the tv screen forever, like Romeo and Juliet being together. The tape stops playing, his human life no longer staying.

She sits there motionless in her black dress, like a swan that is ready to do ballet. Sitting like stone, just as a goddess will do on her throne. Lightning strikes through the castle and strikes her heart like giving life to a ghost. Her head turns around cracking, the world spinning with a broken neck. Laughing seeing his head decapitated on a pike like a white flag surrendering when it has been planted. Blood is dripping like ink for a letter, yet his skin has been pinned on the wall, the paper for that letter. His blood will continue to drop to become a shower for those who want to confess their sin.

The doorbell will ring and it sounds like a siren who wants to eat the souls of virgin men. Slowly walking to the sound of the door, she is moving more human that she has been portrayed on the videotape. The wind outside has come alive and it is showing ghosts how to be scary. The doorbell will ring again and she will put her hand on the handle, making a deal with the devil. Once she opens the giant doors, she will see several children dressed up as their favourite supernatural monsters. She has blood dripping all over her face and her body, looking like an incomplete piece of art, sold for nothing when only a forgery.

“Trick or treat, trick or treat” the children will say in unison on Halloween night.

“What would you like, a trick or a treat?” She will ask the children, while looking scarier than any costume that a child could wear.

A knife is hidden behind her back, like a ninja who is ready to attack. The blade facing up like it is paying attention to the detail of a kill. As long as the blade can cut through skin, it does not matter what the age of the victim is. The sounds of ghosts will be heard inside the castle yet the children remain unmoved. Soon they will become ghosts who will haunt the walls of the castle. She is looking at each of the children thinking that their deaths will become a focal point of a fairytale that in years to come will be told by parents to scare their children on Halloween. The children dressed up like a vampire, witch, werewolf and a zombie; the classic cast for the film of Halloween. The children will repeat themselves, a song being played on repeat.

“Trick or treat, trick or treat…”

“I think you can all have a trick, since Halloween is all about the horror and the scares…” she will tell them as she is about to reveal her knife.

“No miss you misunderstand, we are asking you if you want a trick or treat…” the children say in unison as darkness will cover the castle like when daylight is kidnapped by the night.

The castle doors will close leaving everyone inside and not a place for anyone to hide. It seems that the owners of the castle can become either the scare or the scared. One of the children is walking through the garden, and the further he walks away from the castle, screams become noiseless like the volume of sound has been turned down. Blood will follow him as the skin of the earth has become mortally wounded. He is on his way home, walking past the beds of gravestones, and to the entrance of the gates. Looking back to look at the castle, everything has become still, leaving the darkness the only horror of Halloween. Back inside the castle, the tv is on and a videotape is playing…

The Castle Containing Halloween Horror © 2022 Dexter Matthew Castle. All rights reserved.

Submitted: November 01, 2022

© Copyright 2022 TheUndyingDarkSoul. All rights reserved.

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Brava! Dexter, this is exquisite. The imagery is stellar and wow, the metaphors are so creative and original. What a phenomenal story. Very, very well done, as always, my dear friend.

Thu, November 3rd, 2022 4:09pm


I mostly like this story, but I could not think of an ending that I would find perfect. The ending is ok, but I just could not find a better one. I am happy with the imagery and the writing, so I do not regret writing this. Your comments always inspire me dear Lisbeth. Thank you always for reading and commenting :)

Thu, November 3rd, 2022 3:57pm


This is one of the best stories I have read from you! You really described grief in the beginning so well, and the story took a dark turn super fast. It definitely captures a creepy Halloween feel and played out like a horror movie in my head. Well done as always, and hope to get some more of your work read soon! :)

Tue, November 8th, 2022 12:52am


I really wanted to enter the Halloween Contest, and while this is not strong enough to win, just taking part is a victory. I was struggling with the ending, but overall, I think it captured Halloween. Thanks for reading and commenting :)

Sun, November 13th, 2022 1:05pm

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