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A sage learns the elven legend on how the world came to be.

During my travels in the western lands, I spent a good deal of time with the elves there. Unlike their brethren in Timerial, there were some who would share with me and allow me to record their fables.

Most surprising was that a high priestess, a Venerable Mother, told me of how their religion teaches how the world came to be…


— Beglistr, Sage of Elhrub
Year 118


Before the universe as we know it existed, there existed Naena and Ivion. They were without form or substance and all that existed in the void.

Though they had each other as company, Naena felt incomplete and empty. She spoke of this to Ivion.

Ivion did not like to hear of his companion this way. He wanted Naena to be happy and joyful, so he said, “We shall come together and spawn new companions, children. They will complete us, but it will change us.”

Ivion reached out to Naena and at that moment, he touched her. And with that touch, Naena grew, pushing back the void, giving rise to the universe. Within the universe, which was now Naena, wherever the pair looked, they saw orbs of light.

“Those lights, they are beautiful,” Ivion said. “What shall we call our children?”

“We shall call them the Astara.”

“Astara. That is a fitting name for our children. Then they shall call you the Supreme Mother as they were born from you. But alas, they cannot exist forever. Just as we can no longer exist forever now that we have come together.”

Naena, the Supreme Mother, and Ivion, Time, embraced and smiled as they watched their children dance and play.

From their afterbirth, the Astara fashioned planets and moons. Some of the Astara sent them crashing into each other, some hurling at other Astara, while other Astara set some to spin and dance around themselves. 

Naena witnessed how some of her children cared for the planets they had made to amuse themselves, so she allowed those Astara to grant life to them if they chose to do so. Some of the Astara, like Arena, did so.

One planet that Arena had gifted life to was Oyinna. This made Arena the Great Mother.

Oyinna enjoyed that two of her younger sisters, Osen and Esen, twirled about her as she made things and set them upon her surface. She carved rivers, lakes and oceans upon her surface, and using the material she had dredged up, she made the likeness of trees, plants, and all sorts of animals. As these likenesses had no life, they were just figurines. Finally, Oyinna crafted the first aelves, the Lallinia.

After seeing what Oyinna had done, Arena said to her daughter, “You have wrought beautiful and wonderful things, much to the delight of your sisters and me. Thus, I will grant you a measure of my power to grant life so that you can give life to your creations.”

With the gift, Oyinna gave life to her creations and set forth an order for them. She then charged the Lallinia with the duty to maintain that order and to help with that task, she created magic and taught them how to use it. In gratitude for what Oyinna had done for them, the Lallinia referred to Oyinna as the ‘All Mother.’


After hearing this tale, I asked the Venerable Mother, did Oyinna also create humans?

She pondered this question for several moments before saying, “You are living creatures, so most assuredly you must also be Oyinna’s children. But some of us believe in the early days of the Lallinia, that Oyinna rested. It was during her rest that she dreamed and gave birth to others. Some crafted from nightmares.”


Submitted: November 02, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Patrick S. Smith. All rights reserved.

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