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Neglectful forth of delights, 


set right back on thie to be true to thie word to make all dreams be total of the acrounce of the sworone out 


wher I drive you a new one 


to see me in a proportion of shame, 


so I stay on true and fuck your world, for my furtioms stopped amd takes all from thie,


not quite all 


but enough to notice 


from all the whole world, 


I already own's it, and own it, why not everyone fall to the shacked furtion


for bullying


So we judge the courts that come for yeh heart


I sweet on this emotion now Judge he for he shall judge


but be kind for next time it goes on and on and on Till no stop


So breath the equal for your words diaptaes so the quick sand dosent imagere sinking you


To make all fade away!


I will


So be hell with your supple and I'll be on me way




A crime to shed a crime is seen, I use it every time need, to stop and start again


I hope you'd suffer what's coming to you bit for now we play with big toys


Them I rip your heart if he sets eyes on the prey


Of the unfortunate kind a desperate attempt, on seeking more ethnic he lay


So be gone with foul judgment before it's all we see


And then all furtiom will belong to me alone and I make me forget the name and and start up me ne crew again 


So be gone for Misdeeds or be one!


So night will fall,to take all dreams,


Be done with forever


And I departed me ways


Peachie noooooooo!


Hush be thie words,


We only say, but me warms this time but for now I sat


Don't be the pointed finger, or I steal your brain!

Submitted: November 02, 2022

© Copyright 2022 collectivenrg. All rights reserved.

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