Thie what!



There is the difference in the back ground motion, there is everything


And anything


But I must tell you further,


We go go go


Sit with desires 


And understand we are not all the same


Sitting under the Fore sight of all evolution we are far far far very far


So sit and wonder why I can be of christ,


I use me shadow of reflection come inbound like know plans to plan, without Sitting in anything but silence 


Thigh come from


Boom boom boom


Sit and let it rain, we are the good byes 


To all, nature, and we can be all that we are to situate methods 


Everything is all desires unfolded by anything 


For ground is in now in the herd so we make passionate christ die by his knife we call, him tye collection ball,


Complete fake


And we Decides where to go further and into the set goals


So we are all to seek an establishment for all


we make build and separate all suitable desires 


To make all unfold!


For you are a god


And I am peach


Your above from heaven!


Giving all desires to make fire into birds of desires to make the heard flow


For them, and we seek a pet


Yes, you remember woofing,


Yes woofing, me puppies


Thie take him to go further into sweet tresdnecet desires 




As a new bread, of life, a set cause to mode a different life if, life's barriers except him he is yours forever to roam and be of, humn life




So we be good, and be Humain, always and

Be kind to your pets!


Submitted: November 03, 2022

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