Sasuke Uchiha died in his battle against Naruto in the Valley of End, but before he dies, he conjures up every sin, every wrong that he has committed, every person that he killed, every life that he ruined. In his death, his wish for a second chance will be granted, but he will have to live out his second life in a world he knows nothing about, a world called Remnant.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Hey Guys, just mentioning, this is my first fanfiction
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Chapter 2

Oscar screwed up. What was meant to be a quick shopping trip to find something to eat turned into him accidentally stepping on some ban... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Sasuke observed the people around him to see what he would be dealing with, a very hyperactive girl in a pink and white skirt and orang... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Hey, TheReal here, I am here to say thank you all for your advice and support, this means so much to me and I assure you, in return you're gonna get a little more action in this chapter. Sasuke
hadn’t really gotten into much fights except with the bandits which was really brief, but I assure you a feat that he has never pulled off before will happen, and it will be EYE-catching(Pun
intended). Also I am going to make this chapter a little longer than the previous one’s. Anyway’s enjoy it!
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Chapter 5

In a field, by a fallen tree, layed a man, a man who had the power to burn anything with unquenchable fire just by staring at them with... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Jaune set the pot of noodles, and other food in the center of the table, while everyone else was talking over each other   ... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Ruby starred up into the early morning sky   She had woken up early, and she decided just to take some fresh air &nb... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Ruby looked at Lionheart, who semed a little uncomfortable   Why was he soooooo…..uneasy?   “Look, Leo, i... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Sasuke guessed that he looked intimidating right now. He hoped he did. Because on the inside, he felt like crap.   That sk... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Sasuke looked at the reunion before him. Anyone else might have been happy for them, maybe even a bit teary-eyed, but Sasuke wasn’t l... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

      Ruby walked around the snow, trying to salvage some ammo that she dropped, and Yang was trying to pull... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

A day ago in the Land of Darkness   Salem did it. It took a lot of energy out of her, but she did it. Now with three new... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Weiss sat down next to Yang, who was awake and sitting on the bottom steps of the stairs   It was midnight   ... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Sasuke walked towards a stand that stood in front of the Argus walls, and bought a tomato. It had been a REALLY long time since he had ... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

Hey, TheReal here, I was just wondering, what is your guys opinion on what the best chapter is so far? Just a thought, I was wondering.
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Chapter 16

  If Sasuke had turned around just even a half second earlier, he could have been able to stop it. But it seems fate wouldn... Read Chapter

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