Lastborn is a classical coming-of-age fantasy tale.

Eleven-year-old Rafael lives a comfortable life within the walls of Eskhor, a city stewarded by his father, Lord Veerhne. But when a stranger arrives to claim him, the true nature of his heritage is revealed. Rafael must leave his old life behind and learn the ways of the Ashir, the peacekeepers of the Mithraic Empire and wardens of magic.

A perilous journey across strange lands, encountering both friends and foes along the way follows. Rafael must learn to bear many burdens while a power rises in the east, threatening the order of Mithraic Empire.

Table of Contents

The Hall of Susurrations

A stranger arrives in Eskhor and claims Lord Veerhne's son.
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Rafael learns the truth of his hertiage.
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The white-eyed witch

A retelling of how Rowan Veerhne and Brandobir found Rafael.
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Brandobir and Rafael begin their long journey.
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