Tourette's can be a struggle sometimes, especially when cooking. But they work through it and sometimes they have success.

Alright, time to work on something that isn’t my favorite but I’ll have to work through it if I want to be an independent adult. Cooking can’t be that hard right? I’ve done it plenty of times. Granted things flew all over the place and I burnt myself a couple times, but that’s part of the learning process. 

All I need to do is bake some chocolate chip cookies. Thankfully I have all plastic dishes that way if I end up throwing something it won’t break. (tic) I just need a bowl for the butter, a mixing bowl, but that’s attached to the counter and isn’t going anywhere. Technology is cool. And I just need some measuring utensils. (tic)

Okay I need to soften the butter, if I just put the bowl in the microwave (tic) nevermind there goes the bowl. 

Okay so now that the bowl is in the microwave there’s a smaller chance of it getting thrown like it just did. Thank goodness it didn’t have the butter in it yet that would’ve been a fun mess. All right now just add the butter, aaaaaand there we go. I’m going to set that and let it soften while I mix all of the dry ingredients. This ought to be fun.

I know it’s easiest if I just have the ingredient right next to the bowl (tic) that way there’s less time for a tic to go off. How much flour do I need? Right, 3 cups. What’s really cool is this measuring cup that measures two cups instead of one. I didn’t even know they made these until my mom told me about it. Okay all i have to do is just measure one and a half of these. 

Oh thank goodness I didn’t have a tic during that, flour is the last thing I’d want all over the place. Last time I baked something I got the entire tub all over the floor. (tic)

Now I need the sugar, salt, baking powder and soda, and brown sugar. Should be easy enough. Alright, here's one cup of sugar.

One cup of (tic) dangit it. Okay well could’ve been worse all I did was dump the brown sugar on the counter. I’ll just sweep it into my hand and into the bowl. My counter is clean… enough.

Alright one teaspoon of baking soda, and half a teaspoon of baking powder.

This recipe calls for sea salt but who the heck has (tic) sea salt? I’ll just do a teaspoon of normal salt since that’s all I have.

Okay now that I’ve mixed all that together with not a whole lot of trouble I need the wet ingredients. Working on baking has been helping but tourette’s has its own mind so whatever happens next is not up to me.

I need to get the cup of softened butter from the microwave real quick, along with some vanilla and 2 eggs.

One, two. Alright and just set this on the (tic) counter. Okay well I only slammed one egg onto the counter so I hypothetically just need one.

Okay good I didn’t crush that one, now if I ignore it well enough hopefully they’ll stay intact until I need them. 

Pour in the butter and measure out one…two…teaspoons of vanilla. Easy enough (tic). Now time to crack the eggs. (tic)

Okay well there’s one and now (tic). Well… that was close. I nearly cracked it on my head but thank goodness I stopped myself. Okay both eggs are now in the bowl. I’m going to turn the mixer on and let it do its thing.

This is going a lot better than last time that’s for sure. Getting eggs out of your hair is not the most fun thing in the world I’ll tell you that. I now need to preheat the oven to 375.

Great, that’s going now the dough is done mixing. I just have to transfer it to a tray. You know what? I’m going to let my mom do that part, I’ve made it this far, I think I’ve done enough right? (tic) I’m definitely getting better so we’ll just call it for today. MOOOOOOM?


Submitted: November 07, 2022

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Interestingly different. Well done (tic)

Tue, November 8th, 2022 6:11pm


Good job (-:

Thu, November 17th, 2022 1:52am

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